Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Me and My Space - Copics

Well today I am starting something new for Wednesdays - I hope you like it :0)  I get emails once in a while asking me how I store something, or organization of a product. So I thought it would be fun to share my craft room with you and how I have found to store things that best work for me. Now 1st you have to understand that I am constantly re-working my space. Always looking for a better way to store things. That will make more room... for more things. Hubby built me this craft room last year, and I don't think in a million years I could talk him into adding on to it - so I have to make things fit! And since I keep adding to my stash, and very rarely throw anything away... I have to organize the best way possible!

So this is my First "Me and My Space" post - I will try and show off something new each Wednesday - But I decided 1st up would be one of the most used items... "MY COPICS"  I have gone through lots of changes in how I store them over the past couple of years. The best has been the stackable Cubes - I started with the X-box type of pen storage that I laid on their sides. They come with clips to hold them together - Love these - But soon I had too many markers and each side of the "X" was not large enough to sort my colors in. So I went to the shelf system. Now I have to tell you I had to alter these just a tad.

You see the shelves are only 1/2 way in the box. So I added a piece of chipboard to each shelf to bring it out level to the front. Otherwise the markers fall off the front of the shelf. I have had these forever, and used these for many different products over the years - but I think this is it for them. You can see I still have one "X" box. I am one short of the shelf boxes, I haven't been able to find them locally any longer and well... just too lazy to order just one box online. But once I need something else I may add that to my order so things are all level. LOL you can tell I re-use things and I buy when things are on clearance... you can see the top right box is blue - the rest are clear. That blue one was on the 75% off shelf... I think I paid $2.00 for it. Wish there were more...darn it!

So you can see I sort by the color system. And there is a shelf for each color in the Copic selection. Except... all the yellows are all together. (Y, YG, YR) and all the Grey shades are together- Some day I may need separate them, but for now this works. I also store my pop dots on one shelf. And in the "X" box I have my purples (don't have many of them), my Spica Glitter pens, Copic Muli-liner pens, Glaze Pens and my  Koh-i-noor Polycolor Pencils.

On top of my Copics is where I put my "Just Finished" Cards, you can also see my Tissue Box from last week, and the mini file folder I made a couple of months ago, this stores my Stampavie images and my Stamps by Judith sentiment stamps. OH and you also see a photo of my Hubby :0)  Even though he is usually sitting across the room from me, I still love having a photo of him on my desk. I change this out from time to time with new babies in his arms.

You also see a peek of My Eeyore Cup and pen in the bottom of the top photo... that is really all "me" - love having fun Donkey items all around me while I am working - and you will see this as I show off my space - Hope you enjoyed my first post for this series. And let me know if you want to see something up close -

HUGS and -


Heather said...

Thank you for sharing, I love seeing how everyone else arranges their space. Love your organisation, just jealous of the amount of copics you have! :)

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! at last I have a breather and can catch up with you and your news, furry friends and gorgeous creations. I'm looking for a 'system' to store my pens - at the moment they are in a couple of empty laundry buckets but I need another one, but don't need more laundry detergent!
enjoy your day.
hugs, annie x

Pami said...

Hi Michelle. First of all what a great idea to share how you organise your craft space. I love to see how other people do theirs, it gives me such great ideas. Secondly, I love how you have organised your copics, so much easier when you are working with them. I would love to do something similiar but I use promarkers and these are not labelled at the moment but along the side. Hmmm, need to think of something. Pami x

Carol Dee said...

Great idea! Great organization. Can't wait to see more. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday! hugs...

Pinklady 68 said...

Great storage of your copics!
Many lovely colors:-)

Have a lovely Wednesday! Hugs Laila.

Tracy said...

What a fab idea, I love seeing how other crafters store their stash, I have such a small space always on the look out for new storage ideas. Can't wait to what's up for next week. I would like to see how you store your stamps. Great copic storage.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Caroljenks said...

Great idea to share Michelle :)

I'd love to come and play in your room - I think I'd be in heaven with all of those pretty colours to use! I use Promarkers and at the moment only have about 50 so mine are just stored in a tin!

Can't wait to see what you share with us next week :)

Carol x

Peachy Wessels said...

It is always helpful to see how others layout their craft space! I am in temporary living quarters, with most of my craft stuff in storage in another city, so just this week, I had to purchase some items to corral all of my stash! I wish there were more storage options available at the local stores. But now, at least, you can see the top of my work table! We haven't been able to see it since last February! Hopefully, with organization comes better creativity as well! Look forward to seeing more of your craft room layout. Thanks for sharing with us!