Saturday, October 2, 2010

Animal Crackers - Sunny Fall Afternoon

Now it is barely Fall... in fact it is still kind of hot outside, but you can feel a bit of difference in the air, and we are now starting to have cool fronts. Even if they are only cooling things down a couple of degrees with each front.

Yesterday afternoon I went out and tried to get some photos... some were interested, some were napping...
Felipe was enjoying the shade of the Oak tree... doesn't he look comfortable?
Cali and Mirta on the other hand were hiding behind one of the much smaller trees. Any shade is nice when you are trying to get an afternoon nap -
I love this photo I got of Pepita - really shows her personality. Super sweet, and just adorable.
Can you believe Marisa is only a couple of weeks old? Man... the nickname Legs is really fitting her! Sometimes we call a newborn a fun nick name and then as we get to know them, and they start growing they just really don't fit. Well - LEGS is still sticking with Marisa! She is gorgeous though! And you should see her run with those legs - :0)
I stood and laughed at Frankie for a while, he may be a good looking Buck - - - but he got lost while on the way to the line for smarts!! He has been working for a couple of weeks to get this dead limb to break so he can use it to scratch... Well today he finally snapped it! Then he couldn't figure out how to make it work like he wanted. It was so light weight he just kept flipping it around - Good thing he is handsome and produces cute babies!
I mean common, can these two be any cuter? Jill the white spot, and Jack the buckskin - are growing like weeds. They are so fun to watch. I really don't think that these kids know how to walk at all... they just have springs in their legs and bounce everywhere. They still don't run to me when I call... but they don't mind being held once I catch them. So we are moving in the right direction with them.
Jack wouldn't stand still yesterday for a personal photos... but Jill was very curious about the camera and was posing wonderfully. Too cute!

No Libbie and Autie photos this week... to be honest, Libbie has been a little under the weather. We think there is a chance she might be pregnant... I am hoping so!! We took her to the Doc. Thursday to see, but he didn't find any babies when he looked. So either she didn't get pregnant this time, and is going through a sort of false pregnancy --- or the babies are just so small still that he couldn't capture them on film. Fingers crossed for them to just be too small yet....  :0)    All though the whole thing just makes me a nervous wreck!!!

Have a wonderful Weekend! I'll be back on Sunday to announce my Blog Candy winner!!!
HUGS and-


Yvonne said...

Wonderful pictures again Michelle!
All the animals are so beautiful. O my....Libbie! Can imagine that makes you a nervous wreck if she's pregnant! Jill's picture is super cute! Hugs, Yvonne

Kirsten Alicia said...

Oh my goodness, Libbie might be pregnant?? How exciting! Gorgeous pics as always & yes, Jill is very beautiful. I do have a soft spot for Felipe, something about those fluffy ears!!

Carol Dee said...

Another fun Saturday of Animal Crakers. Just such adorable babies. Jack is so handsome already and Jill looks so tiny and sweet. LEGS is the perfect nickname for Marrisa! WOW. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs...

Cards By MI said...

Such lovely updates on your furry friends. Hope Libbie is feeling better soon and let you know what's wrong, or right with her. :)

BethW said...

Oh they are just gorgeous-Jill is such a cutie! Libby a Mama-that will be something-their puppies will be just beautiful. Crossing fingers-vet couldn't tell for sure with my dog either and a week later there was no doubt!

Ann said...

wonderful pictures!! Hope you don't have too many puppies or you will soon have a herd. The first litter is so hard to part with we had 3 litters of Springer Spaniel pups 10, 11, qnd 13. I cried with every one that went the first litter ( we bottle fed them all because the litters were so large).

Caroljenks said...

Michelle you've delivered us some gorgeous photos again this weekend :) That one of Jill is just adorable - how sweet is she!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do hope it's good news for you and Libbie is feeling a little unwell as she's going to be a mum.

Take Care,

Carol x

Anonymous said...

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Rufus said...

Felipe, Marisa and Jill are my fav photo's this week, they all just look soooo cute and cuddly! Will keep my fingers crossed for Libbie, wouldn't that be fun! (well for us, maybe not for her LOL)

DawnMarie said...

Gorgeous pics as always Michelle. The babies are all growing so fast. Hope Libbie is better OR pregnant! It is very wet here now, and the leaves are falling off the trees in droves. Still very beautiful though. I was up at Loch Ness yesterday, Nessie sends her regards. Sending love and best wishes Dawn Marie.xx

Cazzy said...

Lets hope it is babies for Libbie, lets have more babies around!
Love the photos of all the animals.

Glad you are going on alright yourself, you are inspirational you know!

Cazzy x

redstamper7 said...

YOu have a fine looking group, Michelle. I really enjoy looking at the photos. Our male goat is a dufus but sure does make you smile. Take care!!!

Becky T