Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Me and My Space #7 - Punches Part 1 and a favorite tool.

Happy Wednesday - my feet are moving a million miles an hour, but I am not getting anywhere - actually feels more like I am moving in slow motion! Do you ever have that feeling. I get this way when I am overwhelmed with a long list of need to do's.  Best way to get over it is to tackle things on my list and feel like I am accomplishing things.  So first is blogging!! Priorities you know :0)

Today I wanted to start showing you how I keep some of my punches. This is going to have to be done in sections... You guys just thought I had a lot of paper a couple of weeks ago!! Punches is a real weakness!! So today I am going to show you my best and favorite way I store my EK Success and Fiskars squeeze punches.

I love that the EK Success punches will stand on their own, but seriously I don't have that much desk space available. I have a "punch drawer" I will show at a later time, but I found this jewelry organizer at Tuesday Morning earlier in the year I loved it. I hung it off my paper basket on the side of my paper cabinet I showed two weeks ago. This sits just to my left behind my Crafting chair. I just spin around and see some of my favorite punches. The clear slots are just the perfect size to hold the EK Success punches as well as just a few of my Fiskar's Squeeze punches. Three of the pockets are larger at the bottom, again perfect for the larger squeezes. Now the new Jumbo EK Success punches do not fit - boo hoo.. then again I am pretty much all full.... I noticed that there are two empty pockets at the top after I took this photo... those punches were on my desk.  I have punches in three other places as well. I just have WAY too many of them, and I keep buying more! Just this last week, they were on sale at Micheal's and I came home with the Jumbo cupcake punch! I blame those 40% off coupons! I tell you this hobby and supplies are a real sickness. But I am happy in my weakness :0) I'll clean up my other punch areas and show them off in future weeks.

Now I thought I would also share some favorite tools and products from time to time on my Me and My Space post - Today I thought I might show off one of my oldest and newest favorite tools that is always left on my desk - and I use all the time! I have talked about this tool many times in the past, but just recently got an updated version of it - LOVE IT!!

 I have had my Fingertip Kraft Knife for years now, I just love it. I have given away at least a dozen of them over the past couple of years. Some love it too.. others it just feels odd. For me, the control you get in cutting out little details is really amazing, In my scrapbooking days, before die cuts and fancy machines, I use to print out titles and then cut out the letters and fonts... Also now when cutting out images, for masking or building scenes, my hand cramps and hurts.. never did this when I was younger.. hmmm....  But when got this, no more cramping!  Mine is worn looking, and the lid has been cracked. But I still use that original knife! It holds regular kraft knife blades and changes out very easily - But then... I received something new.... and well... I do believe my old fingertip knife is going to go into the drawer... (insert shocking face here!!)

Meet the new and improved fingertip kraft knife!! I will admit this knife I had to get use to, it is a bit longer than the original, but hold on to your hats... it is retractable! Yep.. that dangerous, sharp knife - slides into the handle! No worries for cutting myself when laying in a mess of papers and the lid falls off... yes that has happen to me. No getting stuck under my desk looking for a clear tiny lid in the dark ... yes that has happen to me. No poking my fingers when trying to put the lid on the end of the knife and not paying enough attention ( oh or having no depth perception and missing the lid completely ) yes that has happened to me too... Now this knife has a little sliding button on the side, and as soon as I am done cutting, I just slide the knife away! Love it!  

Do you have a Fiskar's Kraft Knife? Do you like it? Love it? or Hate it? 

Thanks for visiting my rambling today - hope you like my idea of a jewelry organizer for "some of your punches" and thanks for letting me share one of my favorite tools too! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday... me... back to that long list, next is starting the laundry... then feeding the puppies - 

HUGS and-


Diane said...

Neat idea for your punches! I'm addicted to them too! Any kind any brand,when I see a new one on a blog or a store I NEEEEED it!!!
My DH always says,how do you know if you don't have it? I KNOW!!!

Lorraine said...

wow you have heaps of cool punches and i have the orange craft knife and love it but not seen the new one i so need it lol tfs your tools xx

Mary said...

I LOVE the tour of your craft storage! You have great affordable ideas! (But I also love hearing about your donkeys! hehehe) This is my first comment but I've been reading for a little while. Not sure which blog I ventured over from HI from Connecticut!

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, love the way you store your stuff. All my punches are in big boxes (in the meantime 2) of an Ikea storage cupboard. I have the orange knife and I tell you I love it. Especially when I am in the mood and cut out 3D pictures all evening now worries about pain in my fingers or arm. Have not seen the new one yet, but would be good for me too (I also have problems with the sharp blade and my fingertips, the lid always seems to disappear on my desk). Hugs from Holland, Helen

Stefanie said...

I love your place and am still dreaming of my own carfting space... maybe when I move out next year?...
would you show us your new Jumbo cupcake punch? I LOVE cupcakes but haven't found the right punch yet and here in Germany it's a little bit harder to buy crafting supplies. They are a lot more expensive, sometimes you have to order in the USA...
Grettings from snowy Germany,

Tracy said...

Great punch storage, and lots of fabulous ones too.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Unknown said...

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