Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Me and My Space #9 - A favorite tool - Great Gift Item :0)

Ok, this week I am going to share a couple of my favorite tools. For a couple of reasons. One maybe it can help with a last minute gift item, for a friend or to hint to a Hubby :0) and then Two... well my craft space looks like a bomb went off in it. A Doggy Day Care, and a dumping zone for everything. Sigh... after Christmas I will get it all back into order I hope!

So for my first favorite tool - It is always out on my desk, I have used it for a couple of years now, and wouldn't craft with out it - and all though I love it I just replaced my original with a brand new pink one :0)  Not just cuz I wanted the pretty pink one, but well... my was really sad looking. My ATG Tape GUN!! I adore this thing! And now that my sticky old worn out one is now new clean and pink I love it even more!!

Now I could have gone on with my old red gun, I have cleaned it a million times, it is sticky - but it does work. I have always had a sticking problem when at the end of the roll, one of the first so it had some issues. But a couple of weeks ago I was in Micheals with a 50% coupon in hand... and went around an end cap and saw them... oh the pink one!!! It was only $35.00 - I paid WAY more than that for my first gun. So with my 50% off it was a steal! And it came with two free rolls of tape! So the old one went in my desk drawer, and now the pretty pink one sits on my desk. .... I love the ease of it, I love how long the tape last, and how much cheaper it is than most other adhesives! I buy my tape from the Tape Depot... the off brand, and I think it works just as well as the name brand. And again much much cheaper.  LOVE my ATG!!!!

Another must have on my desk tools is my ruler... I have had many rulers over the years - most of them cheap school rulers - but then I got my Tim Holtz Design Ruler - love it!!!
Wonderful cuz it is clear - I can see my papers and image through it. Wonderful cuz one side has inches and the other has a zero center... no thinking to center things. And Wonderful cuz it has the punch holes all along the sides. Great for lining up holes for brads or flowers or whatever! Love this ruler!! Hubby "borrowed" it once and I freaked when it wasn't on my desk.. he had left it outside!! OH THE HORROR!!!  But I saved it and now he has all my cheap school rulers for his projects!!  Great stocking stuffer huh?

Well that is two items I love - do you have either of them? What do you think of them? Or let me know what your top two favorite tools are.... I might need them too!

HUGS and


Sheri said...

I have both of them. Well, not the pink ATG but the red one and I love it as well. I need to use the ruler. I bought it but haven't used it. Maybe today would be a good time to dig it out. Merry Christmas to you!!

Anne said...

I have to second your comment on the ATG! Absolutely ADORE it! Haven't found anything to stick better!

Donna said...

Yep...both of these are my go- tos. Could not craft without them!

Carol Dee said...

I think I now NEED both of these items. Hmmm, do you think it is too late to ask SANTA? Hugs...

Di said...

Santa brought me a pink ATG Gun - it's marvellous and is already probably my very fave crafty tool......I can't think how I managed all these years with DST and other sticky stuff! So glad to see how well you are now honey! Di x