Saturday, January 1, 2011

Animal Crackers - First day of 2011!

WELCOME 2011!!!!

Whoo Hoo!! It is a New Year! So happy that last year is behind me and on to a productive, good new year! And lets start the year with some Animal Crackers! :0) 

Thursday was a gorgeous day here.. I have been trying to let the puppies spend as much time as possible outside - but seriously the weather has been just nasty - wet and cold. So I haven't been letting them run and play outside. But Thursday - Sunny and warm, so YEE HAW!!!
Autie was really having fun playing with them, Libbie.. not so much, she just sat by Dad in the shade and watched. She runs and plays hard with Autie... but not the puppies - odd... must be a Mommy thing - she doesn't want them to see her horsing around -
 Dad though... he just loves running with his kids!!!
 And they love running and playing with Dad...  :0)

 Cute Cute Cute... Chica - she is the more playful of the two - and the more outgoing.  She is trying to learn the potty training thing... remembers to use the puppy pad about 40-50% of the time... Not bad for 8 weeks old.
Minnie - Just Stunning - Not quite as up front friendly as Chica - She likes to hang back and watch, doesn't run up to people quite as fast and when she does she stays just back enough to run if needed. Once you have her in your arms... she is very cuddly and loves to give kisses.  She is fabulous about the potty training... goes to the pad 90% of the time, and by the time she spins around 10-12 times she makes the puppy pad 75-80% of the time :0) LOL hey she tries! And again that is great for only 8 weeks old.

Donkeys - we have been talking a lot about Angelina "Lina" and her 1/2 sister Lola... you see these are our first two girls that were born here and now are old enough to breed.... I can't imagine a second generation here! We are thinking there are a few ladies this next year that we are going to give a year or two rest... and yes... time to move Lina and Lola in for their first breeding and first babies.  We like for them to be at least 3 years old before they are ready for this step, and I just can't believe that they are ready - They will go in with Raffie our spot... as Black Jack is their Dad...  

 Lina... a pretty little girl - gorgeous eyes like her Mom, Macie - short and wide too... LOL She should be a great Mom as she looks over quite a few of the younger ones in the "youth" pen.  Lina is on our for sale list... but as long as she isn't sold we might as well let her have a baby right?
Lola... She too was on our for sale list... but we removed her  - we decided that we needed to keep her. Her Mom was Cheyenne... the donkey we lost in 2009. Fabulous genealogy line, great structure and that hard to find black face... We registered her name as "Lola Cheyenne" so she could carry on her Mom's name.  Hard to believe her and Sergio - our solid black boy that was orphaned when Cheyenne died are full brother and sister... until they are standing side by side. Their structure and facial features are exactly the same... just different colors. And they are both very laid back and loving like their Mom too... Glad we decided to keep her on our own breeding list. :0)

Now some goats? 
 My first baby goat... Lucy. Or as I call her "My Lucy Goosey"  I can't believe she is almost a year old. But first of February... she will be. She is really a gorgeous girl. Still very friendly. And I just love her in her new pink collar! ;0)
The goats got a new treat a few weeks ago... we found a new brand of mineral block for them. Especially for Goats... decided they looked a lot less of a mess than the buckets of black goo as I call it, that we have been getting for them. OH My... they love these, and yes... no black mess on the goats now. Not pretty to come out and see a sweet little white goat with black tar looking stuff all over their heads. So now they get their vitamins without the goo mess! And they are just as happy!

Can't wait to share another year of Animal Crackers with you - I do hope you really do enjoy these post.. LOL I love showing off my children. I can't believe I have been doing these Saturday post since the summer of 2008! You really have seen a lot of my kids growing up.... Thanks for letting me share them....

HUGS and -


LorraineB said...

Happy New Year!! I love your animal related posts. So get to have donkeys and goats and puppies. Too bad you're quite a distance away from NY because I'd have to knock on your door and ask if I could play with your furkids.

Linda said...

Happy New Year! Love your pics and pets. I got a new puppy for Christmas... that makes 3 dogs! never dreamed I'd have 3 dogs! A little girl Maltese. Her name is Lucy. She weighed 3 lbs on her first vet visit at 11 weeks. Is a sweet pill :-)

Hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Oh my goodness! "My" puppy (as I affectionately call her to my family) is so cute! I've had my eye on Minnie since the first picture you posted. As a kid we had an Australian Shepherd and he had the blue merle coat just like Minnie. My DD just moved and took her pooch with her and I miss them both very much. If Canada were a little closer to Texas I'd be there in a flash. But it's too far and everyone is working full time right now so some days would be too much alone time for a puppy. Sigh... Some day though. There's nothing like coming home and being greeted by a happy puppy!!

I hope 2011 brings you much joy and lots of time for the things you most providing us wonderful stamping inspiration. :-)
Beth Greco

Kirsten Alicia said...

Happy New Year Michelle!!! To your hubby too & all the animals.
Good grief, Miss Minnie is just GORGEOUS! It's lovely to see her playing with Chica & Autie.
Have a great weekend & I hope 2011 is wonderful for you.

Annie said...

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful New Year Michelle, and to your dear hubby and all the fur babies too!
love, annie x

Cards By MI said...

Happy new year to you all! It's always a pleasure to read about your farming friends. Take care!

Carol Dee said...

Love the update on the animals. I am in love with Minnie :) Sucha sweet face. All the animlas look so healthy and Happy. I aam looking forward to another year of Animl Crakers, too.

ribenaruby said...

Happy New Year Michelle! Ruby x

Helen said...

Happy New Year to you, your hubby and of course all your furry kids. Chica & Minnie are so adorable. If I could I would come over to give them a good hug. Love these posts from you. Looking forward to a crafty, creative year with lots of animal crackers from your side. Just have 2 (big) dogs; one lady almost 3 year and the other lady 1,5. They are also very huggable, but a little too big to be on your lap for a time. Hugs from Holland, Helen

Barbara Moore said...

Happy New Year, Michelle. I know it is going to be a terrific year for you. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love seeing how the puppies have grown. Looking forward to more wonderful cards, your organization skills and yes the animal crackers.

Yvonne said...

Happy new year to all of you!! I'm always looking forward to the Animal Crackers post, love to see all your furry children. The puppies are getting big! So funny to see them playing with there dad! Hugs, Yvonne

Danni said...

Yay! The first Animal Crackers!! Love all the photos..those puppies are just the sweetest!

Kittie said...

I look forward to your Animal Crackers post each week. Those darn puppies are so cute. How can you ever let them go or are you keeping those two??