Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me and My Space #12 - All Messy and some Dies

Hello and Happy Wednesday - The plan for today's Me and My Space post was to show you how I store my Spellbinders and other metal dies. But you see I have just been one crazy crafter - with a lot of other normal household stress going on this past week. Craft wise I am just working up a storm projects for CHA - business wise and pretty new images wise.

You need Proof - well here goes the false image that I am all organized and clean in my craft room...
Yes this is my desk right now... oops should have hid that Hershey's chocolate bar huh? You can see I also craft with the remote and the phone right there with me too... LOL  OH my how embarrassing ... HA!

So since I can't lay out my Metal Dies storage for you.. I'll show you a cleaner area of my craft room today and show the Metal Dies later- and how is that for a teaser for a future Wednesday post?

Today I will start to show you one of my Drawer Cabinets.. I have two of these. Hubby bought them for me when I moved into my craft room, we found them at a local store called El Paso Imports... I love that store! Most of the furniture in my house is from them :0) This cabinet sits next to my wall of stamps I have shown before. And please excuse the puppy pen.. still one puppy left in the house - we are getting really attached to Miss Chica now!
Love all these drawers!!!!
Now sitting on top of it is my Big Shot Pro - I drove myself crazy deciding whether or not to purchase this or a regular Big Shot when my Cuttlebug gave it up and went to crafting heaven. I as SO GLAD I saved for a couple of more months and went for the BIG PRO! One it is blue and white and matches my room.. but two - I can use it for anything! Any die - Any brand! And this thing is sturdy! Love it!

Now to the drawers - - 
The top drawer is my less used inks. The bottles to the left, those were a weak moment at a scrapbook convention a couple of years ago. Oh they are wonderful - and I have used them. They are a dye ink with sponge tops. But I don't use them enough to justify the cost of them really. Then you see my little bottles of crackle paint. I have had these forever since the moment they came on the market.. I had to own them, I taught a few classes with them, and have used them a ton... but when I went to pull one out last week and use.. they are drying up!!!! OH I nearly cried!  Then you see my other inks.. Stays Ons - Brilliance - a few Stampin up - Versifine - Palettes? (didn't like these after I got them, many are still sealed... shame) and then my make up sponges. I love using these for lots of inky projects.

Second drawer please...
This drawer has my smaller Sizzix Dies in it. Good thing I don't buy many of these any more. I have had these forever, and do still use them from time to time. Love some of the fonts of the letters. But the drawer is full so I guess that stops me from getting more right? Hubby will say yes here.... LOL

But the shelf on the other side of the stamp wall.. and next to my ribbon storage.. well that is where I store the larger dies... you know those really cool dies that my PRO can handle...
I can't add to this collection now... but I am sure in time I will have to dedicate an entire shelf to these babies! They are just too fun! I have some of all the sizes here.. regular, Bigz, and Pro's...

So there are two of the six drawers in my first cabinet - too be continued for the other 4 here and the other 6 in the second cabinet :0)

Now how about a winner for that bakers twine I offered up last week???

True Random Generator - Result - 23!

The winner is....

Maryann said...
This solution sure looks cool, and is just what I need too. I´ve been using a big basket for all my scraps, but it´s almost impossible to find what I´m looking for, when I need it, so I often end up with just grabbing a new sheet then instead of using a scrappiece, as it takes too long to find, so this seems like an awesome idea. Thanks soo much for sharing all these great tips with us, and thanks for the chance to win this. I never saw this before, so I don´t know it, but it loooks pretty cool, I must say.
Wednesday, 05 January, 2011

Thanks Maryann!! If you can please email me at I will get your twine out to you ASAP!

This was fun to do a little mini candy for a shorter time. I do believe I will be popping in more of these on a regular basis :0)

Well.. better go and check on Hubby - he is re-doing my kitchen... much needed! And I can't wait for the end result! A kitchen as nice and cute as my craft room! Thanks so much for visiting me - your visit really makes me happy!

HUGS and


Helen said...

Hi Michelle, just before X-mas my desk looked just the same, but in order to get some work done I have cleaned up a bit to have some work space. Love your cabinet. Still figuring out how to make my craft room work more ideally. Too much stuff and too less storing place.
Hugs, Helen

Tertia said...

Such a busy desk. Looks like you have been crafting up a storm, can't wait to see what you have made.
Tertia 93

Carol Dee said...

Oh Wow, I love that little set of drawers. So shabby chic! And the perfect spot for the Big shot to sit. My crafting space looks like that ALWAYS. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Cards By MI said...

Looks like you have been having a lot of fun lately. :) It will be great to see what you have came up with. I want one of those big sweet mashines as well. One day...
Love n hugs,

Shelly said...

I so enjoy the glimpse into your craft room, Michelle. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one whose desk gets cluttered when I'm on a roll. As for the candy bar, chocolate fuels creativity, so have lots of it!

I love the chest of drawers. So pretty. Wow! Some of the dies sure are big. Now I'll have to go look at the website and see what kinds of things these big dies make. :)

Maryann Laursen said...

I WON??? Thank you so much ha ha ha ha I´m soo amazed, as I never use to win anything, so not even thought about it this time ha ha ha.
This is just what I needed, as I should actually have had a major backsurgery today, but it was delayed a month, due to too many acute surgeries they said, so now Ihave to wait another month with a broken vertebra LOL, so this just cheered me up, that´s for sure. Thank you sooo much, and also for always sharing all these awesome ideas for your craftroom, I really love them and they´re sooo great. Thanks a lot for an awesome blog hun, and have a great day

Tussemaja said...

A little tip from Sweden... Put some water in the Crackle Paint and they will be as new. More water = thinner paint. They are just so fun to use :)
I just love to look how other have organized their scrapbookingroom. You have a great room and lots of tips.