Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me and My Space #13 - A couple more drawers and a favorite!

Hi - Wow this week is flying - I can't believe this time next week I will be in California getting ready to set up for CHA!!! (Ok... palms sweating here cuz I am going to have to get on that Air Plane!)

I am not getting much crafting donethat I can show you right now - but still wanted to do a Me and My Space Post this week. I am hoping that while at CHA I can snap photos of new organization goodies to show you the couple of Wednesdays I will be there... that is the plan and the hope anyway. But today I thought I would show you a couple more drawers in one of my tall cabinet and then one of my favorite decorations in my craft room. This is also a test run for doing my blog from my laptop with my phone taking my photos... this is what I will be using all next week. When I was planning for my trip I realized that my new phone is an 8 meg. camera.. same as the little camera I was planning on taking. Uh why take both? So here is my test blog -

This drawer is what I call my paint drawer. Hubby even knows about this drawer and it is one drawer he is allowed to go into with out me... LOL These are all kinds of paints and supplies to use with paints, Most of this I have had FOREVER... Acrylics, thinners, mediums, and Gesso's can be seen. A brayer and some brushes I see too... and hmmm how did those glues get in there? LOL those don't go there.
This is the drawer right below... my overflow drawer. Odd stuff, duplicates, and overflows. I have my spare glue dots, foam brushes, flock, glitter, fabric paints and cheaper glitter glues. I also keep my duplicate flower soft (first purchase was sets... won't be doing that again, I got some that were the same in a few sets) So basically this is like a semi-organized junk drawer?? LOL
I think I may have showed this in the past... at least from CHA for sure. This was the corner display for our Stampavie booth last year - I ADORE THIS SARAH KAY... she is about 24 inches tall and is on foam board. You could see her from every isle. I was allowed to take her after the show closed... I just have to look at her and it makes me smile. When I was "out" this summer with my injury and had to stay in bed for so long, I could look through one of the openings from our bedroom into my craft room and see this on my storage closet door. Love seeing it. A Happy image isn't it? I don't know if there will another display this year with a different image, and I don't know if it would be my "turn" to take it again... :0)   But I am thrilled that I was blessed with the first one... (Thanks Heidi and Stuart!)

Well  I do believe my "test" has worked. That is good news, now the only other thing to check is if my Wi-Fi on my phone is going to work, but it won't be on until later in the week to try - then I am all set to blog my trip for you and snap lots of photos!

Better get back to my last minute projects... thanks for understanding that I am missing so much this week, promise I'll make it up to you over the next two weeks with lots of sneak peaks and fun new things from CHA!!

HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

OH Boy lots of fun stuff in those drawers. Happy Crafting and fun at CHA!

Helen said...

Love the image on the door. By the way all my drawers look like the last one. How's that for starting to organise things better. Wishing you a good trip to CHA and lots of fun. Regards, Helen

Anne said...

That's one of my favorite Sarah Kay images too! Hopefully you'll be able to pick up another one this year to bring home! Your test blog came through with flying colors! I'm so relieved as I loved your posts from CHA last year, and am super excited to see what's in store for this year!