Saturday, February 12, 2011

Animal Crackers - Donkeys in the SNOW?? In TEXAS???

HI and welcome back to the routine post! I sure missed Animal Crackers post... I love going out and snapping photos of my "children" and sharing them.. hope you don't mind :0)

My photos that I am sharing today I took last weekend, just after I returned home from CHA. It snowed the night I returned... REAL SNOW!! We had a solid blanket of snow here at our place of about 1/2 inch, by the time I was alert and dressed to go out it was already melting - but still pretty for some shots!
When we got home from the airport.. at 4:30AM... it was a gorgeous solid white blanket of snow. We got out of bed around 8:30AM and got dressed to hurry out and see all the snow with the donkeys and well... it was already melting.. but seriously, my Texas donkeys were loving the cool weather and sun together -
A mid morning nap you could say - :0) Aren't they cute all resting in their little barn?
It was a very sad day for us, the day we took these photos - this was the day that Lola was so sick and we lost her. But we took a few minutes and had some love from Rosie. Rosie is now over 3 years old. And this little gal has been sick nearly every day of her life. We have had more than one tell us we should give up on her and let her go. She really was scary skinny more than once. But I thank God we are too attached and keep our faith in these little donkeys. Rosie is doing fabulous. She has not been sickly in a few months now, has put on lots of weight, and actually is mischievous and playful now. I hate to say she is all better and "healed" but we think she is...
Little bitty one was really wanting her photo taken. Her name is actually Josephine, but Hubby has always called her Little Bitty One. She is one of the smallest babies we have had and even though she is just about "full grown" she is still one of the smallest in our youth pen. Smaller than many of the younger donkeys. And she is just too sweet. She loves her 1/2 sister Rosie.. and shadows her most of the time.
How is this for a "Spot" family photo? LOL This is Raffie, our spotted Jack, he is Josephine and Rosies Dad too) With Vicki and their son Paco - Love these spots - I love the look of them - especially when they are grouped out in the pasture. Don't tell Paco... but this next week he is being weaned from his Mom, Vicki and will be moved into the new Boy's Youth pen. I hate the weaning time, so sad for me to hear the "baby" and/or the Mom cry out for a few days after you split them up. Sometimes it is both of them, sometimes just the baby. There are a few Mom's here that say goodbye at the fence and enjoy the peace - LOL
Wanted to show you a photo of Gato our cat I took ... She is so funny. She has a window lounge bed that looks into the back yard and Goat pens - she LOVES her bed... so much so that the cushion is in serious need of being replaced it is worn out! When she is in her bed and you come into the back part of the house, she will hang her head backwards off the bed and meow at you... She is really a beautiful cat - and most of the time a pretty good cat. She has a serious love of Mulberry Roses on cards... so we have had some serous discussions about her being on my craft desk.... but I still Love her, even when she turns a beautiful rose into a pile of goo -

Sorry no photos of the dogs this week... I need to work on some photos to show you Chica in her lanky stage, she is really adorably awkward looking. But they all need baths. It has just been so cold. But Autie is looking like a matted mess - so I think this weekend, the heat will be cranked up and Hubby and I will have to do a bath production line with all three of the dogs - Then I will snap photos as quick as they are dry and before they get into something!

See you  - HuGs!


Helen said...

Thanks for showing these cute photos. I adore all animals which are furry and huggable. Waiting for the pictures of the clean washed dog family. Have a nice weekend. Regards, Helen

Carol Dee said...

You call that snow! We got nearly 18 inches about 10 days ago. So happy we are beginning to see some thaw this weekend. Love the photo of Gato. Such a sweet face :) Hugs...

Kirsten Alicia said...

Terrific photos! I'm so glad that Rosie continues to be well - long may that continue. Gato is gorgeous with those amazing eyes.

TA Carbone said...

Michele are you now keeping Chica or is she still for sale. Just wondering and wish I was able to have a dog here because I sure miss my pooh-bear
aka TA