Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me and My Space #13 - Decorative Boxes Hide lots!

Hello and welcome back to some normal! Today is Wednesday and that is my "Me and My Space Day!" Today I thought I would show you some of my pretty boxes. I know I promised to show off my Die storage before CHA.. but well...  they are a mess right now, I have been busy with them and re-organizing them to fit new things :0) So that will come soon.

So today I am going to show you the top of my left shelving unit...
The backside of my craft room is a bit lower in height so it makes my shelving units look really tall.. LOL The top of my shelves have these really pretty boxes. I love that they make me look really tidy and organized - even if I am not totally together. OH and I wanted to also show that I love to use vintage items for storage. I love kitchen tin items. This bread/cake box was an awesome find at a shop about a year ago. I think I paid like $10 for it. And it is perfect to hold those odd things that I don't like sitting out. Like that large staple tool I had to have and hate to use... and other tools that fall into that wish I hadn't purchased category and make me feel guilty to see out.

But back to the boxes. On top of this shelf is 6 decorative boxes that I purchased at Tuesday Morning. I think they are just too pretty with the butterflies and ribbons.

In these boxes are my not used to often items...

Clays and cutters for clay... went through a stage where I loved working with this stuff.. and making my own embellishments - some day I'll pull this out and do some more :0)
Quilling - this stuff is really fun - got hooked on it from a kit club that sent out a sample - and again love making these things as embellishments - one day I'll pull it out too... but at least I know if I want a quilled flower I have the stuff to do it!
Cuttlebug dies - and metal stencils - Need to look through this box and try and use more of these. I have had most of this for YEARS. And need to see what I have here that I my want to play with and may feel new to me.
This box is my fun foams, felt and hand made papers. No guilt here for having another "technique" I boxed up. I do pull from this box and use these items for current projects. :0)
Now this box I LOVE... I use to go to lots of estate sales and garage sales and I picked up lots of vintage ric rac and seam binding and such - really cheap... This box is my vintage goodies. And I love digging through this box!

And shocker here... the 6th box is empty and ready for me to organized in another area.  Yes... an empty box! Whoo HOoo!

Now I also wanted to show you a decorative part of my room... the little wall next to this shelf has a couple of my older handmade items.
The framed scrapbook page is one of the very last pages I did.  I made it at one of the last crop nights at the local scrapbook store before it closed.. sadly... this was a few years ago. The only reason I made the page was cuz I wanted to use the new Disney Cricut cartridge with Eeyore LOL.  And it was perfect for Diego our first baby donkey. He is a lot like Eeyore - a slow moving pudgie donkey that is totally lovable. 

Below it is a scrapbook clock that I made for a class I taught many many moons ago. Love making these clocks but now with my stamps... (come back tomorrow and see my newest one.. wink wink... ) but this clock has photos in it of Hubby and the donkeys - all in Donkey Time you know! And it has kept running right on time for all these years - amazing considering it is only a 2.99 clock!

Well hope you liked to peek in my boxes. And seeing a bit more of my craft room. See you tomorrow with some new "time" -

HUGS and-


Judi said...

Hi Michelle

Thanks for sharing again. Maybe you should advertise some of those items you wish you hadn't bought on your blog - you know the saying 'one man's rubbish is another man's treasure'??


Judi x

Peachy Wessels said...

Your boxes are so pretty! I love these type of boxes. They are inexpensive to buy, (especially on sale) and they add storage or just pretty inspiration for our craft areas! I love how you share with us your storage solutions. One thing about this craft, is there are a lot of little items and sometimes, just too much clutter that it becomes distracting! That is where these clever, pretty little boxes come in handy!

Kirsten Alicia said...

I love seeing your storage ideas - everything seems to work so well.

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing your storage ideas (but I probably need a lot of boxes to make my room clean and tidy). The donkey stuff is also cute. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Hugs Helen

Carol Dee said...

Lve those boxes. I have messy stuff (Like my ribbon) in photo boxes. your room is cute with all the donkey decorations. hugs...

Tertia said...

I love pretty boxes. My DH keeps asking me if I really need more storage - silly man, OF COARSE I do.

Shelly said...

Thanks for another glimpse into your craft room. It's so pretty. Love those boxes, both for appearance and all that they can store. Your scrapbook page and clock are both great decorative pieces.