Friday, February 4, 2011

CHA 2011- Did you think I was lost at CHA?

Sorry I went MIA for a couple of days there - the last day of the show was also pack up day and then we were just so busy, well... I was honestly just so worn out I couldn't even type. And it really wasn't from the CHA work... I got what I think is a cold, some nice person shared it with me at the show. And I have been coughing so much I just am worn out. It is better today - so I think I am on the down hill side of it, I hope!

It is so amazin to see the booth go up and look like this -
And this isn't the entire booth! I couldn't get it all in the shot. You can see Stuart here working on his laptop making sure all the orders are going in perfectly!

And then they announce that the show is closed and in a matter of hours... the booth is all boxed up and awaiting next years show.

Ok... so there was a night sleep in the middle, as we can only box them up and leave them at night - but the next morning we had them put away in storage! Seems so odd - that entire 10 X 30 booth all put into those two wooden crates. But what a system Heidi and Stuart have all worked out for CHA. A well oiled machine I tell you -

We even had a little time at the end of the last day for you know what....
We did make it to Disney again - but I think we were all so cold and tired, and well I think I can speak for Stuart and myself here.. very DISAPPOINTED that some of our favorite places were closed in Disney. Hold on to your hat.. EEYORE in the Critter Corner was CLOSED!! And the Pirates of the Caribbean was too!!  So So disappointing! But we enjoyed other areas got some COLD fresh air and then went for an amazing dinner at Cheese Cake Factory. MMM it was yummy!!!

Then my real adventure began - my trip home. You see here in Texas I have seen it snow - real snow only three times. After last night 4 times. All the scheduled planes to San Antonio were canceled. So I had to get tough and brave and take a couple of flights to get myself back to Texas. (Very brave if you remember from last year how afraid I am to fly!!) But I did it and really wasn't nervous at all - I started with a teeny tiny plane from LA to San Jose - then ran 26 gates across the San Jose Airport to catch my next flight with Alaska Airlines to Austin. There my Hubby bravely traveled the ice and snow roads to pick me up. About a 1.5 to 2 hours trip normally... I landed at 11:20 - we were on the road at 11:40 we arrived at our gate on our farm at 4:30am. If I hadn't been so tired, I would have gotten out of the truck and kissed the gate... but I think that my lips may have stuck!! I have seen the movie the Christmas Story.. I KNOW IT DOES HAPPEN!  And no one was triple dog daring me! It was a slow drive home, never over 30mph... and oh my the accidents we saw! Scary!

So I am home and glad to see my Hubby and all my babies. Chica has changed so much in the 10 days!! I couldn't believe it...   we have a sick donkey that we are really worried about. I pray that she will make it through ok. We are not for sure what the cause is, and have given her all the meds we can. Now we just have too keep a close eye on her and wait. It isn't looking good - and I really am sick to my stomach about it. I just wish we knew what the problem was, Doc will come as soon as he can - another problem with being out in the country, old country vet and so many closed roads due to the weather. I'll keep you posted on her.

And as for my CHA photos - I'll download them all off my camera and start showing them off all this week. Took quite a few the last day - and some fun ones of the 4 of us during the week. So watch for my post this week to see them.



Stuart and Heidi said...

Hi Michelle.

We're reading your blog from LAX waiting our flight to Germany then home.

Clearly downtown LA isn't for us! We managed to complete the trip with a visit to a cheesy dive south of our hotel... full of gamblers. And of course, there was me with my SAN ANTONIO cap on the night the beat the Lakers!!! lol

But we're still alive and happy you and Craig are back together.

I tell ya, I'll kiss the ground in Anaheim next year and you can photo me doing it.

We'll talk soon.

Praying for your donkey,

Stuart and Heidi

smd46 said...

Thanks you guys for telling us all about the conventions, and I am VERY proud of you Michelle for doing the snow dance. We had so much snow here in IL. I didn't thnk I'd ever be able to get the car out of the garage.
Looking forward to more of CHA and am thankful for the lovely stamps and that all are home safe and sound.

Carol Dee said...

I am glad you made it home safe and sound. We had a BIG blizzrd here. I stayed in for 2 days. Only shoveled a bit to get out finally this morning. I hate winter! Can't wait to see more CHA photos. Hope the little one gets weel. Hugs to all....

Rufus said...

Glad to read that you and hubby and both home safe and sound. Very brave of you to take the round about route home! Probably a good thing you did, or I'm not sure you'd be there yet! Hope that both you and your little donkey get well. Look forward to more CHA pictures when you recover.

TA Carbone said...

Welcome Home. Relax and take care of your babies as we can wait to see the photos. Your babies are more important and I am sure they missed you

Big Hugs

Naomi Johnson said...

Wow! sounds like an amazing show, I can't wait to see the rest of the images.

I've really enjoyed hearing about it, we don't get anything quite like that here in the UK, even the big shows seem to lack the vibe of this.

Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound - I can only imagine how bad it is over there.

Fingers crossed for your poorly girl, hope she makes it through.

Take care & stay warm x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hello Michelle, glad you made it home safe & sound. Hope you feel better soon. So sorry to hear about the sick donkey, hope she recovers very quickly.

Annie said...

glad you are home safe and sound Michelle, and I look forward to seeing the pics when you have a chance to get organised. I'm sorry to hear you have a sick donkey and hope the vet can get to you and fix her up. take care.
love and hugs, annie x

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, good to hear that you're back home safe and in one piece (although with a cold). Seen the news overhere about the very bad weather in the States (I thought we had a bad time over X-mas, but this was nothing compared to your side of the world). Give my hugs to your sick donkey; hope she will recover soon or at least the vet can help her. She is in my thoughts and I will cross my fingers.... Please take care of yourself and all your lovely babies first; these pictures can wait. Hugs from Holland, Helen

Peachy Wessels said...

Glad you made it home safe. What an ending to a great trip. This weather is extremely crazy! I thoroughly have enjoyed your experiences through your pictures, can't wait to see the rest of them. It must have been sad to see that beautiful booth all packed up into 2 crates! Take care of your self, you deserve some time off!