Saturday, September 26, 2015

Animal Crackers - Sunrise

Howdy -

This last week early in the morning I saw all the Donkey Girls standing in the pen and they were just gorgeous in the rising sun.

A little Artsy... Has a 70's feel doesn't it? They love those tall "flowers" .. Yes Weeds. They love standing in the weeds hiding.

Gabby was really beautiful standing in the morning sun and relaxing. I am sure they had been up grazing in the night, they were all really sleepy. 

 Isn't she beautiful. All thought it is harder to see in the sun... so I got a better shot with out the sunrise too bright behind her -

Sweet and pushy girl and totally loved.

It was early... Maybe too early Lacey was still very sleepy...

The girl yawns like no other!! She is so funny.

Then I heard a little noise coming from the fence.

Miguel was talking to a group of girls at the fence. Primarily Jazz, he had lots of interest in Jazz. Hubby and I like to figure out what each donkey's voice would be like and what they are saying. We figure that Miguel speaks like the voice of Puss in Boots... Antonia Banderas... a little "Hey Baby how's it going?' Ha.. really it has to be how he would talk!

Olive Oyl sure is pretty in the sunrise as well. All the colors just really become vibrant. 

Such a sweet little girl. "Daddy's Little Girl"  Gorgeous!
Now this next shot is Moxie... every morning this is the pose outside the back door.

She is so calm and just sits and waits so patiently for her breakfast. Sits and waits for Hubby to feed all the donkeys, all the goats, the chickens.. and then finally Moxie gets her breakfast. 

Don't worry everyone gets their breakfast and is happy and full before we get out breakfast. Always must take care of the kids first!

Hope you have a blessed wonderful weekend!
HUGS and -


Martina said...

Beautiful pictures Michelle! I love the sunrise and the flowers combined with your lovely donkeys!!!

Carol Dee said...

I always love sunrise photos. Such a beautiful golden time. Great photos.

Marilyn said...

Another great Saturday morning with my coffee and Animal Crackers. Love, love, love how you think Miguel would talk... I think so too!

BethW said...

What stunning photos! If you ever had any spare time-you could make one beautiful calendar!