Saturday, December 12, 2015

Animal Crackers - Can you say no to those smiling faces?

Howdy -

How can you not get a little evening treat out when those faces are calling out to you?

 Yesterday evening Hubby and I were out talking while I was snapping photos. We were discussing the chickens.... sigh... more about that in a minute. But while we were trying to talk we had LOTS of noise. And LOTS of eyes glaring at us. Here are five of the girls trying to get Hubby's attention as they were HUNGRY! LOL ok they probably weren't starving but really just wanted some treats. They are too funny and as they know Hubby so well... they ended up getting a treat of some feed last night cuz they were so cute. 

We are still on standby waiting for babies... Chloe is probably going to be first of my pregnant ladies to have her kids. She is actually the only one to show any signs of getting close to delivering. All though Gracie and Sweat Pea are first time Mom's so they may not show hardly any signs. But Chloe, she is getting pretty large and her milk bag is getting pretty full!

She always has such beautiful babies, one of the reasons we haven't ever sold her despite her cautious unfriendly personality. I will say though Hubby has really been working with her and she is getting much sweeter and actually will allow some head scratching at her discretion of course. I am flipping out waiting for babies though! Hurry up Chloe!

 Ted E. Bear found us outside and that means there is a chance for a peppermint and at least some scratching behind those adorable ears. No peppermints in our pockets this time Ted. Just lovin' besides it isn't good to always have the mints... too much sugar and too pushy of donkey isn't good! 


Cocoa just stood back and watch from a distance. She might have made her way to us for the mint, but if no mint she was just heading to the barn for a little afternoon nap before she made the rounds after the sun goes down. She has her regular routine to keep -

Cocoa lady is starting to get a little grey isn't she. Still stunning and loved - :0) 

Now back to those chickens. We need lots of egg chants out there!!!

You see Hubby is starting to get really frustrated with the girls. 

We went from 1-2 eggs a day to NOTHING for the last week! NOTHING ZERO ZIP~!! He says they will be coming to dinner if they don't start laying. I just don't understand it. We have hung lights, coops have been all cleaned, Oyster Shell out for them, molting is all done... WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??? And we have been checking the coops at all time of day to watch for snakes and.. so that isn't it either. The older 5 chickens I have put up with their not laying for a while, but the 7 younger girls were just getting going and then now suddenly nothing! I know the shorter days thing... that is why we hung the lights. I do hope they start laying soon. I can't and won't let Hubby "invite" them to dinner but also can't spend what I am feeding them just as pets... what am I saying we have tons of pets... but you know what I mean.

I asked him what about his "buddy" Leon.....

He said Leon was perfectly safe as he doesn't lay eggs he is a "dude" and safe from dinner.  What??? If anything he is the largest thing to roast out there in the coops... but nope his bud is "too cool" to even think about that. Well my girls are just as cool and we just need to figure out why they have decided to stop production around here!!!

Hope you have some fun planned for your weekend. Rainy weekend is forecasting here again, I am thinking a day inside finishing up my Christmas cards is a must.

Have a blessed weekend!
HUGS and-


Cheri Burry said...

I love your posts and look forward to them weekly! Your pictures are gorgeous but my favourite this Saturday is the one of Cocoa! What a beautiful Donkey!

Marilyn said...

Great post. However, I very much doubt any of the chickens will be 'invited' to thinks the man is all talk! hahahaha...

PaperSunshine said...

Give Ted E Bear a mint for me! LOL! I ❤ him. Good luck with the chickens, sounds like you've read up on it and have tried everything! I can't imagine y'all ever eating any of them 😀 looking forward to seeing kids soon.
Lori K

okienurse said...

Love the picture of the girls. I love goats and would have a yard full if the city and my husband would allow it. As it is I could have 2 a coop and 2 goats but as I said DH won't allow it. I remember as a kid when our chickens quit laying my grandmother would blame the weather changes on the lack of eggs. Now she wouldn't hesitate to put the chicken on the menu too but I can still here her saying that they didn't know whether to stay or go with the hot and cold rainy days. Wait a week or two and see what happens.

Carol Dee said...

Michelle I sure hope the girls start laying soon. Sons barred rocks seldom miss a day. YEAR round! Those donkey faces would send me running for treats, too. NO WAY could I resist them. ;)