Saturday, March 4, 2017

Animal Crackers - Green Grazing

Howdy -

With the warmer winter weather recently, and the nice little bits of rain here we have lots of wonderful green green grass growing. Hopefully we won't get another freeze and it will just continue to grow... but just in case it seems everyone is face down and eating as much as they can!

Miguel... seems he has a little bit of a grass gut going on. Similar to a beer gut ... LOL  May need to get an exercise plan going.  Ha! We should plan our workout together! Handsome man though.

And his pen mates Rico and Diego... same pose. Face down munching.

All three of these guys are "pets" our gelding boys that are family and will never be sold.

Same as all three of our standard donkeys... and you can see "Ted E. Bear" has the same pose as the other guys!

I did get Black Jack to look up for a minute to get a sweet side view of our old man.

We have been a bit worried about Black Jack. He has lost a little bit of weight and man is the grey really coming in on his face. We have been talking about him and his age and thinking this season may be his last to be our "Black" Jack stud. He may say differently, but we will give him a few girls this Spring and see how things go. Hubby is hoping for another small solid black boy to use as a future stud. We love this old man and want to keep his gorgeous coloring passing on to future babies. Then Black can be retired and live hopefully a LONG retirement here.

Snapped a sweet shot of Doris. Pretty old chicken.

 She is the Mamma in her pen and does have the control of all the other girls. Love her coloring. Don't love how she broods in the box and won't let anyone in to lay eggs. Yep you can tell when she is one of her moods... you find eggs laying around the pen. Doris won't let anyone in!

Then I found Jennifer watching me walk around and talk and snap photos. I decided to zoom in snap one of her... when suddenly Jill has a little photo bomb in the background.

 These girls are too funny! Yes I do think they know when they are being funny. I mean look at the grins on those faces... they know!

Hope they brought a grin to your face -
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

Hugs and


PaperSunshine said...

Ted E Bear!!!! Yay! And Doris, really like her coloring too, that red is a striking contrast. All your animals are a delight to see of course :-)

Hugs, Lori

okienurse said...

such awesome pictures. I think the first thing I saw when I accidentally found your blog was a picture of Ted E Bear many years ago. I was looking for a card someone had told me about seeing so I searched and have been following ever since. It has been fun watching your fur family grow from donkeys, to goats, to cats, and chickens. Love all the pictures. I look forward to Saturdays!!

Carol Dee said...

Exactly what I thought okienurse :) I love my Saturday visits to see all the sweet animal friends. The grass is so green and lush. No wonder the Donkeys are so FULL! Have a lovely week and I will pop by again next week. :)

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Yup! Love my weekly virtual trip to the farm to pet all the donkeys and goats! I am especially fond of donkeys but I gotta say, I laughed out loud at that photo bomb shot at the end of the girls!!! I agree with you that they are totally aware and Jill especially knew she was pulling a funny on you! They probably had a good laugh about it as you walked away too!!

Kat said...

Nice to meat you at the post office today. God bless and happy scrappin. My blog is