Saturday, July 15, 2017

Animal Crackers - Is that a pouty face or what?


I had to start off this weekend's post with my baby... my boy... and yes he is pouting.

This is him waiting for me to finish what I was doing so I could go and sit in "our" recliner and hold him. He was done for the afternoon, he had been outside, it was too hot, had his dinner and a good drink of cool water. Now he wanted his Momma in the chair with the fans going, in air conditioning. Me to baby... soon... promise.

A few more upset guys that ended up pouting...

As we came through the front gate, the boys were out in the middle of their pasture. Hubby went over to check on their water. Well you see when Hubby comes to the fence after we have been gone somewhere he is suppose to have peppermints in his pockets for them from which ever mexican food place we ate at. Sorry boys - no mints today. Hubby was so depressed he upset his men. He was pouting more than the donkeys that he had let them down... I bet he makes sure he has those mints next trip!

Exciting news! Ok... not the news that we had another 6 foot snake in our chicken coop... sigh... hopefully the last one this year! But no we have been over the moon that at least one of our own home hatched chicks Itsy or Bitsy is a HEN!! Still holding out hope that they both are hens, but for sure one!

You want a "little" proof??

With our different types of chickens we get different eggs. That XX-Large egg is from the Australorp Chickens, the solid cream colored egg is from the Wellsummers and the spotted egg on the left is from the Barnevelders.... and drumroll please... that little bitty egg is from Itsy or Bitsy!!! Now I guess the first day we find two eggs then we can celebrate two hens. LOL

Since I was out with the chickens I thought I would show you how BIG the Guineas are getting! SO BIG!

And chatty too! LOL Hubby says another 2 or 3 weeks and they will leave the coop and be put in with the goats and the old lady Guineas... hope they learn to stay put!

They are fun to watch..

 I tell you if it hadn't been 100 degrees and felt like 100% humidity, I would have stayed out there forever and watched them. They are comical. Not sure if they mean to be, but they are!

Well I do hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. Normal around here I suppose. Did my house cleaning for the most part yesterday, just some laundry and I am thinking... some coloring! Sounds like a great day! Only would be perfect if it rains on the metal roof while I am crafting!

I have another post coming today.. new release :0)

Have a blessed weekend and HUGS -


jenni1st said...

Thank you for sharing your farm animals (and the inside pouty one too). It's so fun to hear your stories and see your donkeys.

Carol Dee said...

Poor Autie, I hope you did not make him wait too long. The chicken eggs always fascinate me, color and size from different breeds. I think Dad needs to keep a bag of mints in the house for the boys. So that doesn't happen again! LOL

okienurse said...

What a hoot...cute Autie! I would bet just being with Mama is enough too! The guineas are huge! I love seeing the boys corral....shame on Daddy for forgetting the mints. I would bet he picks up extras next time and starts a stockpile for those just in case times. Interesting about the eggs. I love all the different sizes and colors. I got a fairly good size one the other day that had 3 yolks in it. Have no idea which chick it was cause they belong a few doors down...still can't get hubby to let me have my own!! Have a great week. Stay cool. I hear it is going to be even warmer next week. We got 1.66" rain today so maybe you will get some tonight cause the storms were heading south! Vickie