Saturday, July 8, 2017

Animal Crackers - Shiny Donkeys


The donkeys are SO gorgeous right now. They are for the most part all slicked off and shiny. Healthy beautiful coats.. and as I said gorgeous!!

First up here is Jolene...

This girl is a hottie! She is stunning isn't she? You can really see her "bracelets" on her legs. So Shiny and pretty. Of course she wouldn't look up at me that little patch of weeds were just too tasty.

Now Jazz she knows how to pose for a camera!

 One of the old ladies but still a super model! Doesn't she look gorgeous. They are all looking so pretty right now. So proud of them all.

Now Sonia is a bit slow at loosing all her winter coat. She is a little behind but soon she will be really stunning too! And as cute as she is anyway how could she not?

Now I found Patti and Jazz cooking up a plan to steal some of Raffie's breakfast... Maybe if we go through here....

Jazz is playing it much cooler and seeing if Patti will pull it off first...

But first plan didn't work... so maybe under here???

Ok, so she got a few little scraps that blew close to the fence.. but no real jackpot! Sorry Patti... just not nice to steal Raffie's meal you know? LOL

Ok, so how is this for a grin? Ha... Louise was chillin' in one of the huts after a big breakfast.

 Lets not tell her that she is wearing a piece of hay in her beard... so not lady like... LOL

 One more photograph from this last week - My Hubby works so hard -

"We" were loading hay out of the field Monday afternoon. It was right at 100 degrees... It was hot! And I was driving with the air conditioning on! Hey the windows were down so I was feeling the heat too.. Ha...  Now before you ask why when it was so hot. You have to load out of the fields as they are working on the bales, and the best time to bale the hay is the heat of the day. If their is moisture in the bales they will mildew - so in the heat it is.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am going to look at shiny donkeys :0)
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Everyone looks so pretty in their summer best. :) Your poor hubby, baling hay is HOT and DIRTY work. I know I escaped that as I was a GIRL. LOL Lots of my friends did not and often drove the tractor and or on the wagon. Yep gotta get the hay in fast before it gets wet again. Not only may it mildew it can actually heat up and cause a barn fire!

okienurse said...

beautiful babies and poor hubby and you! I remember driving the truck with a loader on it and the guys would stand on the back and stack and load. We couldn't have the ac on cause the truck would over heat so quickly. I miss country life but really enjoy the city comforts! Have a great week. Vickie

Ginger Shaw said...

I love my Sundays here in Australia when I get to see your babies. I have been following your page for so long and just love it.
Thank you for sharing your family with us.πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸΎπŸΆπŸ’™πŸ’–