Saturday, July 22, 2017

Animal Crackers - They just can't stand it!

Howdy -

It is so hard to sit and watch a load of hay coming in... like a window full of candy, cakes or ice cream and you can't get to it.

The girls were just loosing their minds! We didn't really "need" more hay after the huge load a few weeks ago... but when the hay farmer calls and says he is cutting... you load up the trailer and get what you can fit in the hay barn. But oh.. that smell of fresh cut hay was almost more than they could stand....

Seriously thought.. how can you not give some hay to that poor little face! Sonia really knows how to bat those big brown eyes! And those eyes just melt your heart....

and despite that it wasn't time to eat, and they really didn't have to have hay yesterday afternoon... Hubby gave in- common you knew he would right?

I can hear Patti and Lacey in this photo... "See I told you if we whined enough and looked really sad he would give in.. bwahahaha"

And then coming in from the very back of the pasture... trotting as fast as these two ever move... Ellie Mae and Jazz finally came up to get in on the afternoon snack!

Boy these girls all look so gorgeous right now!

Now fresh cut hay is great but the grass on the other side of the fence is always even better. Even if you have to be a BAD Goat and roll up the bottom of the fence to get to it... BAD DOC!

 He really isn't in trouble. I just worry he will get stuck and not be able to get back through. Hubby is going to have to do a few repairs on this goat fence. Heck Hubby is always having to do some sort of repairs in the goat pens!

This photo is one I could snap every afternoon. It is the same thing every day late in the afternoon. You can find old Paintbrush off to the side of the pen in the shade, laying next to her old guinea friend. These two buddies.

 This old Guinea chases and has control over EVERY goat in the pen.. except for her friend Paintbrush. She is always nice to her and almost protects Paint from all the other girls, we don't tell her that Paint doesn't need the protection, it seems sweet she looks after her. LOL

One last LOUD photo for you -

 I caught Leon in the middle of a really loud "cock-a-doodle-doo!" Such a large handsome rooster. And despite his big size he a sweet guy. This coop has a bar across one corner that is under some trees. This is Leon's favorite place to spend his afternoons... over looking all his ladies you know.. wink wink...

Hope you have a shady spot to relax this weekend. My shady spot will be INSIDE in the air conditioning! Man I hate summer heat! Whew...

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


PaperSunshine said...

Oh my I love that the guinea and Paintbrush are buddies! How cute is that?!

Carol Dee said...

I just love visiting your place :) All those happy critters. Leon is on Handsome Rooster. All the goats and donkeys look well feed ... Yep we knew Dad would cave in to all the pleas and big eyes! LOL It has been miserable HOT and HUMID here. Heat indexes about 100 to much for me. So I have been working (well that is what I tell everyone!) Inside until the heat wave breaks. Several days ago we got 1 inch of rain, last night a whopping 2 and 3/4 inch! IT was needed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.