Saturday, November 11, 2017

Animal Crackers - Feed

Howdy -

This week has been a bit about feed... with the cooler weather and the lack of rain things have dried out and that means time to start feeding more than grazing. For the first time in many years we decided to buy a few round bales.

Economics and simple logic for a few of the pens that have more donkeys in it. But there is an issue about round bales, and why we stopped using them in the past. You see... this hay bale in this photo? Well it has only been in with the ladies 24 hours! They have really been chowing down. A few of our ladies have weight issues if we don't watch out. On the right you see Darlene looking at me... that is a look of totally happiness. You see she will stand there and eat until it is all gone. I guess it would be the same situation if you sat me in front of a bakery case and then left me there with no supervision at all... yep Darlene and I are a lot alike.

Here Lacey was giving me the eye... don't even think of running us off from this bale....

Little Sonia wasn't being quite as piggy. 

But one thing I noticed about all of the animals, donkeys and goats.. their fur has filled in thick this last week. Big time. That worries me,  if they are getting this really heavy coat then that means it is going to be a really cold winter. I do not like the cold. brrrrrr..... ha... I can only imagine if we lived somewhere really cold I would really be a complainer! 

Found Jill enjoying a good head scratch. If you have a really bad itch between your horns and you can't reach it.. you find a long stick to help out! 

That must have been the perfect spot... she was really enjoying it and making some funny faces.

I found Mallory and Mary standing in their hay - Kills me how they stand in their food. Can put it up and keep it off the gound and they still will pull it down, stand in it and lay it. Lazy or Smart?

Jorge wanted to end things today and give a big shout out Hello -

 Wish I had sound on this photo... It was really loud! He made sure to get the attention of everyone and anyone around!

So from Jorge and all of us here at Animal Crackers we hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - Hug someone furry or feathered!

HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Ahhh, what a great bunch of pics.

Carol Dee said...

Yep, you, Darlene and Me, Never leave us alone with the yummy stuff! LOL They do look winter ready. I wish I could grow a warmer coat! It is getting COLD here. The overnight low was 18 to nights ago. Only gown to 30 last night, almost felt balmy this a.m.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

If the ladies are working on their thick winter coats, perhaps they are going to need all that hay to add a little... insulation... to keep them warm for the coming cold winter ;-) They might not be over indulging, they may just be prepping for the season. Oh, who am I kidding... well, if you make a trip to the bakery just let us all know and we'll meet you there!!!

Marjorie DUMONTIER said...

Oh my ! These donkeys are the cutest !!