Saturday, November 25, 2017

Animal Crackers - Princess and the Pea

Howdy -

This little girl does believe she is a Princess... or is it Queen? But when she saw the dog beds stacked up while doing a bit of cleaning, she decided that they were meant to be and if one bed is cushy - two must be really luxury!

Such a beautiful little girl.

And if she is beautiful... this boy is totally handsome - and simply adorable when sleeping.

This is how we spend our evenings. Autie in my lap sleeping and a bit of snoring. And so cute I just can't stand it. He didn't like the flash going off by the way... I got one eye opened looking up at me with that "Mom... Stop that!!" look.

This the look of Gato mad at me for moving her box. She went straight back to it, and was not happy it wasn't put back in the position she wanted... after I snapped the photograph, I put it back like she wanted liked it.

Went out to get the eggs yesterday afternoon, and with the time change the chickens are still a bit confused and start roosting and getting ready for bed at 4pm or so...

I laugh.. but then I think of myself and how I am ready to crash at 9pm or so... LOL The time change really messes with us all!!

Doc... I just love this guy and his stunning blue eyes.

How can you not love that face! My young man. He is so fabulously sweet! Right??

Then again our old man Frankie is pretty awesome too...

 Our retired guy, but still a very important member of our family. Everyone that visits loves Frank. He loves to greet people and get attention.

Ok I'll be honest here... I love all our furry children! They make life happy!

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and love on a fur or feathered baby!

HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Another great Saturday morning for me. Love Gato... that cat is well fed and meticulously groomed. Probably 'lets you pay the mortgage' too.
And the dogs.. always a favourite of mine.

Carol Dee said...

WOW where did this extra long weekend go? I nearly missed stopping by to visit. :) As usual everyone looks content and happy. Love those critters.