Saturday, November 18, 2017

Animal Crackers - Just a week?

Howdy -

Wow only a week?

Seriously~!! We were thinking that HUGE round bale would last the Ladies at least two weeks... uh nope! And of course the last lady walking away towards me and Hubby is Miss Darlene... my eater!
We are now going to have to pick up another bale in a few days. Good thing we don't intend on making lots of money raising our fur babies. I have had people ask if we are a non-profit... I always say.."YEP... just not officially!" LOL

Macie was grunting and making a few noises to make sure we order up that fresh hay right away...

She is another healthy eater. And even though she looks really fat it is an optical allusion.. has her legs are really short. snort.. LOL

Irene... Love this girl. I had wanted to breed her this last spring, but she had other ideas and did not think she was ready... (made a big issue of it and we decided it was best to wait until this next breeding... hope she agrees this time and settles down in the pen instead of totally freaking out.

I just keep going back and forth on which "boyfriend" I want her to be with. I am about 60% sure I am going to put her in with Raffie for her first baby. I so want a little spot!

Speaking of spots... shhhh Abigail was taking a late morning nap laying in her breakfast.

She was really out... but I guess she is like her Mom, Annie, and likes those nice weather morning naps.

Annie seemed really happy with her rest. She even looks as if she has a little smile going on there don't you think?

 I was nice outside... If we had a hammock I probably would have ditched my list of to-do's and climbed in and enjoyed a little rest too. Maybe that is why it is best we don't have a hammock?

"Red" formally known as Scarlet keeping a really close watch on me... just in case I come out of a pocket with some sort of treat... not really worth loosing one of the best spots in the pen unless I did you know.

She is so beautiful. Love her coloring.

And Loving...

Hubby or "Dad" was outside working on some furniture for our antique show and Moxie was his trusty assistant. Staying by his side all day, just in case he took a break and needed to pet a head or scratch behind any ears. She is such a sweet girl... Love her to pieces!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned and have a furry or feathered friend to hug!

HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Great post. I'm with Macie... I'm not fat, my legs are just short!

Carol Dee said...

Good Morning. Love to stop and visit each Saturday. Big Hugs to all and have a Blessed Thanksgiving.