Saturday, January 6, 2018

Animal Crackers - A little old age...

Howdy -

Cold weather is a really big issue lately everywhere.... in Texas we get fronts that blow through and then leave. But recently cold has hung around. And for those that are a bit "older" that really makes our joints not want to move and work well. And yes... I am adding myself into that statement. But our concern this week has been Annie. Poor thing has really had some achy knees and issues getting up and down.

A little extra Minerals and Vitamins, a heat lamp at night and a private place to be and she is doing a bit better, and the little warmer weather isn't hurting either! It is really a pain to get old and move around in the cold isn't it?

Was doing a bit of laundry yesterday, I know better but was under the weather and not thinking... I washed a load of our black tablecloths for our upcoming antique show... and now they have cat hair on them.... sigh.

I really do know better... she loves the warm laundry. Oh well I couldn't disturb her could I? gunna have to dig out that lint brush I suppose.

Found this photo I took of Moxie.. and it just cracked me up. Are those ears or what?

 Such a wonderful girl. Love her so much!

 I wanted to share a photo I snapped with my phone this last week. We were leaving the house and found this guy on the top of our neighbors gate.

I just love seeing these beautiful hawks... aren't they just gorgeous!

I wanted to show off a present we got for Christmas from a dear friend Leah - she made this for us!1

Love my Donkey Stain Glass piece! It hangs proudly in our dining room window where you can see it as soon as you come up on our porch! I adore it!! Thanks you so much Leah!! FABULOUS!

Sorry not any really new photos this week, I have been a bit under the weather the past few days and honestly.... with the holidays and the days off and such... well I lost track of the days. Duh... It has been a rough week what can I say? New year I will try and keep up with the days better...

Hope you have had a good week, and did get a smile this week.
Have a blessed weekend and thanks so much for visiting!
HUGS and


Martina said...

What a lovely pressie you have got for Christmas! Love it! Yes the cold weather is not good for our bones..old bones. Poor Annie!
While North America suffers from cold weather, we have no snow here and spring temperatures in Austria! And this in january...our usual coldest month!!!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful stained glass and a perfect gift!
Beautiful pics. I do feel for Annie... I have the same ailment!

Soaring Eagle said...

Love the stained glass donkey. Your friend did an excellent job.
I feel for Annie, my joints aren't what they used to be either.

Have a fantastic day,

Marie Louise

Carol Dee said...

Oh Boy do I understand the aches and pains cold weather brings on. (I am of that AGE!) And it is REALLY cold here. Think negative teens at night and below zero highs. Should be balmy warm Sunday at 30 degrees! Ugh winter. ;(

Gato has the right idea. A pile off warm laundry would feel so good.

Hope you shake the crud soon. Have a better week.

I also LOVE the donkey stained glass piece. Your friend did a great job. It is beautiful.

Lena said...

So, I'm joining in the club of achy joints in cold weather. This is why I live in Texas (close to Houston). I thought the weather would always be balmy, but these Arctic fronts bring so much cold it makes me want to hibernate. I can imagine how good my joints would feel if I lay on a pile of warm laundry. Gato has the right idea :-)
The stained glass piece is beautiful - what a thoughtful present!
I hope you feel better and that our weather warms up to help all our old joints.
Have a great week, Michelle.

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