Saturday, January 13, 2018

Animal Crackers - Queen of the Goats

Howdy -

Now if this old lady doesn't have a little bit of Royalty look to her... 

The Sun came out one afternoon this week and the weather was really nice, so Paintbrush climbed up on the upper deck and laid down to enjoy herself. She does have the look like a Queen though. She is a bit of Queen of the Goats around here. Love her...

And can a Chicken look Royal? If so this little lady is doing her best to follow Paintbrush in enjoying her surroundings and her "subjects"

 While snapping my photo of Miss Chicken I found that Doris was having a serious chat with Leon through the fence.

Leon is a big rooster, but this photo makes him look like a giant. Lol Now what do you think that conversation is about??? Hmmmm.... They were really chatting -

Great photograph of Miss Ellie Mae -

 Such a beautiful girl. And so sweet. Those eyes just melt me. Big Brown Large Eyes.. And if only you could hear her "hee haw" it is more like a young girl yelling out, it is uniquely her and even when in the house I know when this girl is talking. And when I hear it, I always smile -

Ha... check out the grin on this guy -

He is one funny guy - and he ALWAYS looks like he is grinning with those big white pearly teeth!

And here is Scarlet or "Red" as we have nicknamed her. Now looking at this photo you would never guess that this little lady got in trouble this last week would you?

She has named herself leader of the ladies goat pen. But "Dad" and her had to have a talk. She was being a little mean to old Annie last week. It was really I think a misunderstanding. Dad was trying to move Annie into a private pen so we could feed her own food and vitamins.. he was paying lots of attention to Annie and NOT Red. So Red decided to head butt move Annie out of the way. Dad was not happy with her, he Got Annie out of the pen and then had a talk with his Red. Red and Dad have a special bond, but for a first time Dad was not happy... Just in case you are concerned, Dad and Red are fine and Red is getting her pets and attention as always. :0)

I hope you got another smile from this weeks post - and we all hope that you have a very blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Your posts always give my weekend such a wonderful start. I love the markings on the chickens, especially Miss Chicken... wow, those feathers are so pretty!

Carol Dee said...

They all looks so happy and well cared for (LOVED) at your place. Such lucky animals ummm... Furry and feathered offspring. :)
i love dropping by to visit each Saturday, see you next week. :)

Ginger Shaw said...

Love my weekly fix of your animals.
They all have such individual personalities.
Thank you for sharing your babies.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Hmm... I wonder if Doris was doing some flirtin' there?!? Better watch those two! Great pics this week!!!