Saturday, June 23, 2018

Animal Crackers - Rub a Dub Dub... 2 Boys in a Tub

Howdy -

Well Domino has had his bowl taken away from him... he was overflowing from it pretty much. So now the twins have claimed it... and they are so small they both fit perfectly in it. Adorable... I know. 

 I have been "working" with these three boys. Ok... sitting out and loving on them isn't really work. But I really want them to be super friendly. I want these guys to be like my old man Frankie... not like Peso who still runs from me when I want to pet on him.

Well two out of three of these guys have become super sweet. Domino is my pushy funny man. My little dude i cal him. He totally cracks me up, he thinks he is the "man". Here he is showing me how he can eat up this big piece of hay. And he did...

Amazing how big his horns are already.. I have a few purple and blue polka dots to prove just how pointy they are! We are working on that now... no head butting!

Waylon I call my "little love"...

 He normally will answer me when I call out to him. And will run to the fence for some loving. He likes to climb up in my lap when I am sitting in the pen, and pretty much cuddle and get lots of scratches. He is my "little love"- Then Domino comes and shoves him out of my lap... he still doesn't like to share Momma.. LOL

Now his twin brother Willie... he hasn't been quite as friendly at all. He will come over to me or stand up on my back when sitting on the bench, but when I go to scratch on him he backs off... Once in a while he will let me love on him. But it takes some convincing.

He is still a totally sweetie.. just cautious. Like his mom... I will keep "working" with him.

Moxie wanted some loving when I passed. This is her pose on her back...

 Is that a face or what? She loves her belly rubbed! Of course sometimes I am not quite sure what she has been into and really don't want to rub her belly... but she gets rubbed anyway.. at least on the cleaner areas. LOL

 I didn't get any donkeys this week... worked too many hours and didn't get out where they were all out grazing and it was pretty hot, I hate the heat. We were predicted to have some desperately needed rain last weekend and early this week.. 3-6 inches is what they were saying and we were thrilled to get it! We need it SO BAD, we are so dry too early in the summer. Well... rain came and died each day before it got to us... we ended up 4 days of "rain" to get less than 1/2 inch. The positive thing is that the high 90's temps went way down into the 80's for a few days with the clouds. But yesterday the sun was out and man did it get HOT! That is Texas for ya!

Hope we are blessed with some rain with the next system to pass through.

And I hope that this week you got a grin from my fur babies. Have a very blessed weekend -

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Aww the 3 newest babies are ADORABLE, I am sure Willie will come around ;) We got about 2 inched of rain over a 3 day period. We needed it. It got down right COLD at 60 degree! Warming up again. But hope to in the upper 90's with humidity like it was UGH> Have a wonderful week, love on the babies and Moxie some for me too.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

OMGoodness, that shot of the twins in the bucket is priceless. Hope Domino isn't too jealous about that! I'm so glad you got at least one to be super affectionate. I really hope Willie comes around for you too. And hoping you get these kiddos settled in time for baby donkeys!!! Around here, our chances of rain are best if we have just washed a car, a dog, or hung something out to dry. If you really want rain, perhaps you should do all three :-)

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