Saturday, July 28, 2018

Animal Crackers - Gossiping around the Water Cooler?

Howdy -

I wish I could hear what they were discussing... LOL They crack me up they always approach the water barrels all at once and then take turns slurping. Too funny..

We've been a bit concerned about Cocoa this week. Ground is hard with all the heat - and she must have had stepped on a rock or twisted her leg.. she has been limping for over a week. A little medicine but can't give it to her too much. Each day she gets a bit better and last night she was almost back to normal speed. Hope she is healed up now.

My super model was modeling in the breeze for me... are those some horns or what on Miss Gracie?

Such a beauty!

Speaking of a beauty.. this is one handsome old man.

Now I know it isn't the best shot of his face, but I finally got a photo that really shows how gorgeous his coat has been looking since on his geriatric old man food for the last few months. He looked skinny and dry and dull and now look at that coat... I skipped the belly... trust me he has put back on his weight. :0)

Hubby was fixing Bitsy and Specks water bowl... they once in a while peck something loose in the auto water thingy... or they peck on the pipe until it unscrews and we spring a leak... well they had a little puddle last night from the pipe. So Hubby was in fixing things and Bitsy is so calm and tame that she is allowed to come out and clean up what ever has been dropped outside the fence.

She is such a love. So sweet.

Her pen mate Speck is very sweet too... just not as trusted to roam to far out of the pen....

 Lets just say she gets much farther away than Bitsy and is harder to request her going back in. But she is allowed to come out if we are right there watching. Such a beautiful chicken!

And our beautiful Gato...

 Now that box... I just shake my head... I ordered some padded envelopes and they came in a couple of weeks ago. The box came in the back door and that very night she claimed it. Over a few days she smooshed it in and made if fit her perfectly. I have tried to take the box and put it up... and Hubby brings it right back and tells me to leave her new bed alone. Seriously! We even had people to dinner the other night and he refused to let me take the box away. So there it sits... I am going to have to get into it and use those envelopes soon... I will be in trouble then with Gato and Hubby!

Hope you enjoyed and got another smile this week!
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

I know I always say this but thanks for another good read on a Saturday while I drink my morning coffee. Gorgeous animals, all of them!

Carol Dee said...

There are still envelopes in that box! LOL She sure has flattened it. Yep it won't be the same when you take them out. :)

Carol Dee said...

ALSO Black Jack sure looks good for an old guy. ;)

Ginger Shaw said...

Lovely photos as usual.
Love my Sunday read about your family.