Saturday, January 5, 2019

Animal Crackers - Here comes the sun

Howdy -

 Went out early the other morning. Love to get photos of the children in the early morning sun but honestly I am not that much of a early morning person... Dilemma for sure! LOL

Black Jack really shows off how his black coloring bleaches out in the sun in the early morning.

But even in his faded coloring he is a looker! Kind of that Sean Connery old man sexy don't you think?

The goat girls were all up in the cool morning sun ready for breakfast -

Lucy always looks like she is grinning at me when I hold up the camera... Such a sweet girl.

Found one of the chickens hunkered down on the perch all puffed up.

That look is... "please get that camera out of my face!" They aren't into my photos like some are....

Autie my baby boy... Those eyes just melt me. I know I say that all the time with photographs of Autie... but when he is "posed" on the porch waiting for me to go back inside I just have to stop and take an adorable photograph. 

 Such a handsome man...

Then found Gato posing when I came back inside.

Now first... yes she knows she is not suppose to be sitting on my table. But I think the new item that "Dad" just brought in must have really caught her attention. LOL Hubby found this vintage bird feeder for us to take to our next show. Isn't it really pretty... Well Gato must have really liked the little birdies and wanted a closer look. She lost interest when they wouldn't move or play with her.

Hope you have some sun where you are today - And a furry or feathered friend to hug on.
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


dragonfly60 said...

Thank you for all of your wonderful pictures! I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and all I see right now is snow lol. I always look forward to your posts so I can see what the 'boys and girls' are up to. You make my day brighter.

Marilyn said...

I know I've said it over and over but it bears repeating. I love Saturday mornings with you and the fur kids and a big mug of coffee... doesn't get better than this!

Carol Dee said...

Early morning light makes for great photos. That and such fun subjects. Yes Gato the stone bird feeder is interesting.
our weather has been very mild. It will be in the lower 50's again today. CRAZY for an IOWA WINTER.