Saturday, May 25, 2019

Animal Crackers - just too much fun

Howdy -

 I can't help it.. another week of baby goats. You are going to be seeing lots of photos of baby goats, hope you are ok with that cuz... well they are just too much fun. Not that all my children are boring, but seriously bouncing babies are really too much fun to watch and play with!

My favorite time is early in the morning. Kids are out and playful! Well after you entertain Mom with breakfast otherwise she wants all the attention. LOL Woa.. Thelma that is one big bite of Alfalfa!

There is a huge difference of babies from a friendly Mom and a skittish Mom. For example, Abigail and Penelope, it is work to get Penelope to be friendly especially when someone new is around. Just me she will let me love on her, but anyone else there and she plays the shy timid card like her Mom. But then there is Thelma and her twins. These two come running when you head out. Heads poking out wanting attention... LOVE THAT!

But really love when I can capture some of the morning fun with my camera! I call this one... Flying Chipmunk!

Both boys love to run and jump.. Chipmunk was especially active while I was out the other morning. All fours were actually off the ground. Just make me happy all over to watch healthy happy kids playing!

Junior loves his special attention!

Usually is first to the fence for head scratches. Love he looks so much like his Daddy Alvin. And I adore that part that looks like a mini toupee..

Chipmunk has a bit of sillier personality. And with those ears.. Well he just adorable. 

Adorable even when he is too fast and gets nose prints all over my camera lens!

He was just making sure it wasn't some sort of food... can you believe they are just over a week old and already chewing on and trying out grasses and hay. Kids.. they grow up so fast!

Ok.. one non baby goat photo. I snapped this one the other night.

 Gato is a lap cat in the evenings. And most of the time she is all Daddy's cat. He sits down and with in a few minutes she is there and getting cozy. But recently... she is all mine. As long as Autie isn't there first... then she gets really pushy and tries to shove him off of me. Now I love that she wants to cuddle up and snooze on me, but then that little paw stretches out... and then the needing starts. I have to make sure that I have plenty of blanket or a pillow when she starts that up - man she has claws. Even with the claws.. totally love this kitty.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend.
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Martina said...

Chipmunk is too funny! What a personality and this after only one week! Love him!

okienurse said...

Beautiful babies for sure. I think Thelma is like that plant that says...Feed me Seymour...she needs all the extra hay to keep up with the munchkins. I have a calico that does the same thing...she loves her dad and loves to kneed all the time. even clipping nails it is more then I can bear! Hope you have a happy holiday and great weekend! Okienurse

Carol Dee said...

Sweet, gotta love those baby goat photos. Bring 'em on!