Saturday, May 11, 2019

Animal Crackers - Yes.. he knows he is adorable!

Howdy -

 My baby boy Autie was playing hide and seek yesterday... Just being totally adorable!!

Yes... he knows he is totally cute! He got another hair cut this week. This time I went shorter... his fur just grows so fast! He likes it, thinks he is a super model. I say just a cutie pie!

We have had lots of rain this week, which makes lots of weeds and things grow really fast. Great for Hubby's new garden, but the weeds wow... poor Hubby can't get a chance to mow around here cuz once it starts to dry out... here comes more rain. A Good thing for fresh grass to eat, but a little mowing would be nice too.... the weather also does a number on hair styles!

Waylon's cute little curled bangs are just hanging in his eyes! I would get a hair clip for him, but that wouldn't be very manly. It will warm up and dry up and then he will get his spring back!  Now I know you are wondering what is that weed hanging from his horn....

Domino found more...

 LOL... was having a hard time getting them off... HELP ME MOM! as he was running towards me...

So I did just that and then we had some cuddles for some Thank you's ...

 Sweetie! Love this guy!

I know you are all yelling it out at me... Did Thelma have the babies yet??? Uh NOPE. She is driving me nuts! So we just won't talk about it at this time. Lets visit Alice and see if maybe she wants to deliver first maybe?

 That big blank stare.. "UH NO I don't want to go first!" LOL I think she is behind Thelma... but who knows now. Goats just making me crazy! I want some babies to play with girls!

So then I went to talk to these four..

I am SO praying that this year these girls get pregnant. We didn't have luck last year with Vicky, Lacey or Pepita and our stud Raffie.... but maybe it was just not long enough or weather... or moon and stars alignment, I have no clue. So this year I am really praying that there isn't any problems and one or all of these girls get pregnant. We put Patti in too this time as she is an easy breeder and hoping that maybe a calmer donkey helps out. Long way out for babies... Late Fall.. that seem a long time, but we know time flies -

Now I told you about all the rain this last week. I thought it was funny I found these girls sticking real close to the door way to the coop.

Just in case one of those heavy rains came out of nowhere... smart chickens!

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend - those in the US.. a very Happy Mother's Day -
And the very best to my Mommy... WE LOVE YOU!

HUGS and -

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okienurse said...

I always enjoy getting up on Saturday mornings with my cup of coffee to read the Animal Crackers posts! I read all posts but most of the time just lurk in the background saying nothing! Love these photos today of cutie pie Autie and the gang. Awesome fur babies!