Saturday, May 4, 2019

Animal Crackers - A Watched Pot...

Howdy -

 Well Thelma was about to pop... milk bag looked just right, things counted up on the calendar correctly... and now we wait. Or as they say "A watched pot never boils..."

Now I will say she has been enjoying the special treats and extra attention and maybe she thinks if she has babies the attention will go all to them. But for now she holding off on delivering. I will say the babies have moved lower and look like they are lining up. But that may be me just looking for signs.

We do still have another baby to love on... 

We had some loud storms here the other night and it was a long night so everyone was taking naps during the afternoon. Abigail and Penelope was all curled up on the bench snoozing. I did get a little hello from Penelope just after I snapped, but then she went back to sleep. I never have understood how the goats sleep with their neck flipped back like that. And I suppose Abigail was holding that one piece of hay on her horn for later... LOL

Moxie thought that was funny I suppose... 

Little chuckle and her tongue sticking out... LOVE that face! Love that girl!!

And then there is my handsome bottle baby Sergio... not such a baby anymore. 

Isn't he just stunning... well without the dried mud. Handsome and Sweet!

With the good rain this week Hubby's garden has been growing like crazy! Doesn't look like much now but there are lots of baby veggies growing! Hubby says that we will have fresh squash and zucchini in a week or two!!

And then check this out!!

 We have lots of Peaches growing on the trees! Now if only they will continue to ripen and stay safe from the critters until they are ready to pick!! But check out all those yummy peaches! We are excited! We have a had a few over the past couple of years, but this looks like we may have a good bunch of them this year.

 Do you have fun family plans this weekend,  I think we will be around home most all the weekend, which is a good thing for me. Time with furry children is always nice.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -

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Carol Dee said...

We have had no luck growing peaches. A few a few years then tree dies :( I will be keeping my fingers crossed for babies this week. Momma is so pretty, she should have darling babies.