Saturday, November 21, 2020

Animal Crackers - Beautiful

Howdy - 

I love being out with the Donkeys at sunset. There is just not anything more beautiful than seeing them in their pastures enjoying the evening. Miguel and Diego, they are buddies, and here watching to see if I was there to snap photographs or if I had treats and it was worth walking across the pasture to me. 

Sorry guys... just photos on this evening. They actually were making their way finally towards me for at least head scratches. But then Dad slammed a truck door and they decided to stop again and make sure things were safe. Safety first you know. 

I LOVE this photo of Patricio and Flavio! Ok, so it shows a little weight, but it is still a great photo.

These two are buddies... they all seem to always pair up. They hang with their buddy day and night. Just like a field trip... never leave your buddy! 

This photo of Patti cracks me up. I was trying to get her to look at me for a pretty portrait photo. The look in her "eye".. I was disturbing her on her way to eat. 

"Mom.. really? No way I'm on my way to dinner!" Gotcha Patti, I understand... food first! 

Pavo didn't mind stopping his dinner to come and give me some love.  

But do notice as his normal daily habit. He has placed a bit on his back for later. Sweet Sweet Pavo. 

Now this next photo is not a great photo by any means. But I kept coming back to it. 

Pepita... she is so laid back and calm. The last couple of years she is buddied up with Vicki, and you can most of the time find her looking around Vicki's rear end watching life. Hubby and I have been talking about Pepita lately. She is full sister to our baby Josie. And when Josie grows up it just might become very difficult to tell one from the other. :0) 

Last week I show a couple of my collection of postcards. You all seemed to enjoy them, and so I thought this week I would show a couple of favorites. I LOVE RPPC's.. in postcard terms that means Real Photo Post Cards. They are my favorite to find. So personal! 

Pretty young girl with a donkey. Is this a pet? Or is this one of those traveling photographers that take photos of children with animals. Love the fashionable dress and bonnet. Then that other photo WOW! Labeled the Cheyenne Burro Photo Co. Great family photo! Sitting on the "Burros" in full fashion and holding their babies proudly. Great Great Photo! 

Hope it was smiles again this week. Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend with family and friends.

HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

A quick stop to say HOWDY and then back to cleaning house for company. Thanksgiving this year will be only 6 of us. Much smaller than past years. Take care, Be well and blessed this Thanksgiving 2020!

Ginger Shaw said...

All your babies look so happy and contented
They must give you great joy.
Thanks for the photos.

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