Saturday, November 7, 2020

Animal Crackers - Winter is Coming

Howdy - 

Winter is coming... we've seen a small touch of it, then it has gone back to the 80's. But that little touch of cold has really done a number on any grazing around here. Things are dead for winter. So time to bring in a few round bales for a couple of the pens. The guys are really enjoying their bale as you can see.

Couldn't see Patricio... but no worries he has just claimed the backside of the hay for his. As much as they really love fresh green grazing, they do love having a round bale. No work, large buffet meal right in front of them! HA! 

Now the young girls and their Mom's have moved in the large pasture of all the Ladies. That leaves just Lacey and "Big Al" in the Momma pen now. 

"We" meaning Hubby... really fought having the girls move into the big pasture. He loved them being right out the back door. Ok we all did. But they needed to have the space and room to grow up and get to know all the other Ladies. But for now we still have Big Al in the pen, he has handled loosing his half sisters to play with pretty well. I thought he might make more noise about it. But he is being a big boy! 

But he does still love HUGS!

I think he gets that from his Momma Lacey. She loves to give hugs too.. and when the two of them are both hugging... well it was a good thing Hubby had the fence to fall back on! Donkey Hugs are just the best!! Worth it even if you do fall on your rear end! 

Had a little chat with Speck. She is such a gorgeous chicken! 

She just went through molting so she is really brilliant and stunning. Love this girl.. and her coop mate Guinea too! Amazing I snapped and got her in the photo too... she is always on the move! Never stops moving or talking.

Found Jennifer relaxing in the shade of one of the huts. This girl is not one of our normal friendly goats. Her and her sister Malory are both very stand-off, we have no idea why but that is who they are. We still love them - 

Jennifer has striking colors though doesn't she? 

Thought I would show another one of my "Collectibles" - 

Hubby and I found this antique painting years ago. It is not perfect by any means, has a few tiny holes and a scratch, but I love it. Sweet kittens, in a old worn frame. Just makes me feel warm and happy. 

I do hope that you got a smile this week. We all need smiles. 
Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

Here is is Tuesday and I realized I forgot to stop and visit Saturday. Big Al is so Cute. Speck and Guinea are pretty birds. And LOVE the antique kitty painting. Have a good week.