Saturday, March 6, 2021

Animal Crackers - Sunny Afternoon

Howdy - 

OH my yesterday it was in the mid 80's and gorgeous! Everyone was just taking the afternoon off and relaxing. Chloe had found a partially shaded area and was so beautiful enjoying life. 

Sunny and Warm and such a nice afternoon. It is going to be a little chilly over the weekend but then we will quickly bounce back next week. 

I think some of the fur children know Spring is coming... nature usually is pretty smart. 

Sweet Pea is one of many that is shedding out her winter fur and getting ready for Spring and Summer. And when they start doing that we can start looking forward to it too! We still shake our heads at the fact it was 4 degrees here two weeks ago. 

I found Crissy sneaking some of Alvin's hay... The "Hay" on the other side is always better on the other side you know. 

Same hay.. same bale actually.. but still better when you can sneak it away from Alvin.. LOL 

Now this photo just cracked me up! I was trying to get a photo to show off his new haircut. But nope... he was feeling great and loving running and barking at Big Al the other side of the fence. 

He is such a sweet boy. And I do LOVE seeing having fun! 

Hubby sent me this photo this week. And WOW! 

This beautiful Bird was perched in our old tree watching things. We love watching the Hawks in the area. They are so stunning. 

Ending up today I thought I would share another favorite antique/collectible from our collection. We have had this sweet antique painting for years. Frame has a few bumps and dings and the painting could use a little cleaning probably, but it still makes me happy. 

I hope that you have smiles from this weeks blog post. I love sharing my fur children and life. 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and


okienurse said...

I always love getting up on a Saturday morning and reading about how you and your fur babies are faring! Makes my weekend! This weather has been crazy for sure. I am glad spring is coming and it will warm up for a few months and stay warm. I dread the summer heat tho! Have a great week!

Carol Dee said...

A day late again! LOL So happy TX weather has righted itself. Who doesn't love a sunny spring day? I love the antique kitty painting. Thanks for sharing.

Ginger Shaw said...

Love your pictures this week especially the photo of Autie.
I lost my little girl in November. She was sixteen
We have started Autumn here in Australia thank goodness. Not so hot.
Love your babies. All of them