Saturday, March 13, 2021

Animal Crackers - What a face!

Howdy -

Was out talking to all the fur children early one morning and stopped to chat with Old Momma Cat. We have no clue how old Momma is actually ,,, I think we can count back at least 10-12 years.  

She is a slow calm cat. Unlike her two children Scaredy and Fraidy Cat - They move like lightening when you approach them. But Momma she is slow and cautious, still you can't touch her. Even so she is a member of the family here. And I love when I can snap a personality photo of her. 

Moving out to the far pasture I found the Ladies finishing up their breakfast. Darlene was enjoying it, but was kind enough to look up and give notice to me being there. Such a sweet old lady! 

Her 29th Birthday is coming up... I need to talk to Hubby about doing something special for her. Maybe a Spa day? I think she would love that! 

And just in time I looked over and found a special moment between Momma and Daughter, Patti and Irene doing some Donkey Hugs - a little you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. 

Love Donkey Hugs! 

Walking by the goat pen I saw Mallory relaxing in her breakfast. I don't show off Mallory to often. Not that we don't love her, she is just always off in the background and really not as outgoing or friendly as others. 

Now someone I do take lots of photos of.. He is just so much fun, so much personality shows thru the camera. 

Peso... My high pitched Man. He grins and those pop eyes just kill me. Despite him not giving us very many girls, I still love him to pieces. He is just so funny!

Common you know you grinned when you saw his photo right? 

Then some loving before I headed inside. Valentine my big standard boy. 

When I look at this huge boy and just shake my head to think that I carried him across our entire farm when he was born. I was not going to allow Cocoa to leave him outside with a storm coming. I think until later it was not the smartest thing to pick up her baby and walk away with him. Luckily she followed snorting and telling me she wasn't happy instead of showing me she wasn't happy. LOL I was just upset and freezing from being out in the cold rain all afternoon with her and her newborn boy and finally when trying to bribe or talk her into coming back to the barn didn't work I reacted. Thankfully she followed and they spent the night in the barn where it was safe. It was a nasty storm... Lol that was many years ago. 

I do hope that you have a smile again this week. It is so fun to share our fur children with each of you. They love bringing you happiness each Saturday -

HUGS and 


Peggy S from OH said...

Thanks for the Saturday morning SMILES! Love them!

Carol Dee said...

Happy Saturday. Enjoy a lovely Spring day. Thanks for the Smiles.

Ginger Shaw said...

Love your photos and I did smile when I saw Peso. He is cute.