Saturday, March 27, 2021

Animal Crackers - Happy Birthday Hannah

Howdy - 

As shocking as it sounds... this last week Little Hannah had her first birthday! Can you believe it? 

She is a beautiful girl. Still follows and minds her Momma of course. But she does stray away at times, but as soon as Momma Bella calls or snorts she comes right back. That will stop in time, but for now it is good that Momma Bella is teaching and keeping a close watch over Pretty Miss Hannah. 

You think that Juliet was singing Happy Birthday to Hannah when I reminded them of the big day? 

Probably not, this was more of pay attention to me and only me call out! Gotta love silly Juliet. She has more personality than she can handle! 

Old lady Macie - oh my she has such a such deep heart grabbing big brown eyes... 

She is really turning grey. Just like "humans" some turn grey some don't. She wears it well though don't you think? 

Love these two. They have been paired up together lately. Vicki and Ellie Mae, sweet BFFs for sure. They most all have a buddy they stick with. Donkeys are not good alone. Gotta have that friend that watches your back and you watch theirs. 

That is one of the things I love about them. They are honest and true to themselves and each other, and us. Love them always... wish all humans could be that way don't you?

This is my silly boy Sergio... my bottle baby that I raised. He can be so funny at times. I came around his pen and this is how I found him. 

Resting his head on the bar waiting for me. You see I HAVE to spend a some of my time just with Sergio, he requires it. Meaning if I don't stop and do our head scratches and kisses on his nose... then he will reach out nibble to make sure I do stop. LOL Very few times for the those lips to reach out and grab me (usually just my shirt) ... I always have time for those sweet nose kisses. 

Uh what about me Mom? 

LOL this guy is also spoiled rotten. His and his brother Chipmunk's pen is closest to the back door. Basically in or next to the backyard. So they get lots of chats and head scratches. Sorry though Alvin Jr. with your "Man Smell" I don't do nose kisses ... Ha! Just a few fingers scratching between your ears and eyes. I do love him... but have to be careful of the toxic smell on me. 

OH my fur babies just fill my heart and make me so happy! Hope they brought you a warm smile today too! 

HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

I love that pic of Alvin! I can hardly imagine the MAN Smell !
Any babies due this spring?