Saturday, May 15, 2021

Animal Crackers - New "Friends"

Howdy - 

Our new neighbors... brought in some new friends for our fur children. Patricio and Flavio have been trotting up and down the fence line for hours and hours... the cows are one thing as they are really strange creatures for them being over the fence. But then "Jack" moved in. LOL A standard donkey that is really very friendly and I think once the new has worn off they will all be the best of friends and neighbors.

Flavio is keeping a close watch on the "friend" but I think he is finally settling down and realizing Jack is cool. 

Jack seems more interested in all the green grass, than in Flavio and Patricio. But he has called out and done his own fare share of trotting the fence line as well. But I think he was calling out to all the girls in the next pasture. 

As we were coming on the property one day this week, we saw some real beauty. We have tried and tried to snap a photo of these beautiful little birds that pass through this time of year. It is impossible, they are skittish and moving all the time so I've never really gotten anything "good" of them. But as driving into the gate we slowed down, stopped and rolled down the window and amazingly he just sat and watched us! He is just so gorgeous! He is a Painted Bunting. 

We snapped a lot of photos and then I said... shame we can't see his back as it is such a bright yellow... and then like a little model he bounced a couple of times and then flipped around to show off his color! 

We just sat and watched him for awhile. So pretty! 

Then coming in the backyard I walked over to the goat pen and I tried to talk to old lady Lucy - but she had no interest in me - you see there was a board there... the perfect height to scratch a rear end itch! 

Must have been a good scratch cuz she was doing a dance and really enjoying it! LOL 

Then with no one around... Miss Penelope came to see me. She is so sweet and loves the attention and rubs, unless someone else walks up ... Human or Goat... Timid sweet girl. And absolutely Gorgeous! 

We had a wonderful long talk with rubs between her horns... hard place for them to reach on their own. And then all down her neck and behind her ears. Sweet Sweet Girl! 

I hope you enjoyed my fur babies. They are a true blessing for us and love to visit you each week! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend - More rain forecasted this week... so more green! 

HUGS and 


Peggy S from OH said...

Wowee! What a beautiful bird! Thanks for sharing the photos. That was a real day brightener! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy all the "kids" and their antics.

Carol Dee said...

WOW, I would love to see the Bunting in the wild. We had an Indigo Bunting fly through. Sadly did not stay. Nice to have neighbors, I am sure they will all be friends soon.

Ginger Shaw said...

So glad that the boys have got a new friend,
The little bird is beautiful. Such beautiful colours.
Here in Australia we are blessed to have some gorgeous coloured birds and I am lucky I have trees opposite that means I get to some of them often
I am so lucky.
When you have an itch you just have to scratch.