Saturday, May 22, 2021

Animal Crackers - Happy Happy Happy

Howdy -

Simply Happy - Standing and chatting with my Fur children just makes me happy - and when I see them happy and chilling in the day it really makes me smile. Yesterday I went out into the muggy afternoon to snap some photos - Chillin' in the shade of his tree I found Alvin laying in what was left of his messy breakfast. 

As I chatted he just laid there chewing and watching me and everyone around him. Just enjoying the afternoon and well.... chillin!  Love this guy so much! 

Then out of no where I was jumped. Literally! Big Al came up behind me ... snuck up behind me and raised up and jumped on my back! 

Now I realize to him it is just a friendly hello... "playing" with me. But man! My back is killing me now! He is a big boy and is not a light weight! LOL He is such a sweetie! Its all good Big Al... you are still my baby boy! 

So I got up... and then made my way to the chicken pen to see the girls. They as always were very very busy.... Busy Busy Busy. Always on the move and chattering. Sometimes they make it hard to snap photos of them. So stood at the outside  of the pen and waited until they made their way my direction and tried to get a good shot. I like this one, it is like they are moving in a row to make sure that every inch of the pen is checked for grain, bugs, grass... whatever. 

AND THEN WHAM!!! Big Al came up behind me and jumped up and knocked me agains the pen fence. I should have been paying attention to him better... I am going to have to really start teaching him to NOT try and play with people in his pen. sigh... 

I keep trying to get a "GOOD" photo of our old Guinea. It has been so long since I have snapped a really good one. I just can't get her to hold still at all... and unlike the chickens its not a steady fast pace. 

Its a jerky spastic fast movement. And this fence is her path. Back and Forth over and over and over. Talking and yelling out to the chickens... She is funny to watch for sure! 

Peeking around the end of the goat pen watching me was Scarlett or "Red" as we have come to call her. 

The leader of the all the ladies... She is so friendly, loves attention. 100% of all attention. I gave her a big hug... it was good for both of us! 

Thought I would show you some yumminess... oh my the tomatoes are getting soooo close! That one will be part of a meal this weekend I can promise that! 

I end with my sweet girl Chica. 

She was on the back porch waiting for me to go in... I asked her if she was ready to go in and this was her look... I think that means yes... inside into the air conditioning please... Yep me too girl! 

More rain forecasting this weekend.. like I've said its all or nothing here - But no complaints here, rain... grass turns green and grow and we are all happy! 

Hope you have a blessed weekend. 
HUGS and - 


Carol Dee said...

You can send some rain this way! We are watering now. Especially anything in pots.
oh Big Al. silly guy. he obviously has not realized he is grown up and too big to do that. Hope the back ache was minor and you are feeling better already.

Ginger Shaw said...

Had to laugh at he thought of Big Al creeping up on you.
All of your babies are beautiful in their own way.
Your little girl Chica is so pretty.
Thanks for the photos,