Saturday, August 14, 2021

Animal Crackers - Blind but Beautiful!


She may be blind but she is still totally beautiful. My old lady Libbie - 

She has had some tummy issues the last week - She was lying on the floor totally taking in all the sounds and I got down to discuss things with her and tell her how sorry I was she wasn't feeling well. Not sure if she got into something or just her sensitive stomach, but whatever its been tough keeping food down. She is doing better so hopefully it is all out of her system now. Totally blind but she still is the one in control of our household! She has control of my heart for sure! Beautiful! 

Spent early one morning this week out with the girls. Well some of the girls. With all the green grass in the back pasture about 1/2 of them had made their way out early to do some morning grazing. But for my slower ladies I got some loving time and took a few photos while out there. They are just so beautiful  -

Ellie Mae was hanging out finishing up some hay they had for breakfast. Her eyes are so pretty, and she has long slender ears. But she is more famous around here for her voice. She is my screamer - some have thought she sounds more like a screaming toddler than a donkey - I love it. I hear her while in the house and I know exactly who is out there talking. 

Miss Irene - She is one of my bigger miniature donkeys - in size and attitude. LOL oh she is a sweetheart - just a bit pushy with some of the other girls. 

She is named after my Grandma - I know she would have gotten a huge giggle out it. Especially that she is so pretty - 

And speaking of pretty.. beautiful.. and sweet. Old Macie. Her eyes just melt me. She is so loving! 

While out there she was really following me around and wanting attention. She is much more aggressive about attention when most of the other ladies are not around. Slow and Timid and gorgeous! 

Did you say gorgeous??? Juliet thinks she is all that! 

Heck I know Juliet... you have your own fan club so you MUST be special! he he... She is -  we all know it. Right? 

As I was making my way back to the house I saw Miss Crissy napping. Ok... she was totally out! 

Goats have very very flexible necks. And at times scare me they positions they "relax" in. This was a semi-normal position, not to scary. She was really sound asleep. I called out, banged on the fence -  nothing. Good to know she has no worries and can get her rest without any worries, stress, anxiety or hormones... yeah that one I can relate to and understand! HA - if only I could get a night sleep like Miss Crissy... what a dream! Oh but Crissy - love her. 

Hope you have a smile and enjoyed this weeks photos. They sure enjoy visiting you each week! 
Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

Good to see all the lovely ladies. How old is Libbie? Our old boy, William, is 13 and seems to be slowing down, eyesight, hearing and old sore joints. Poor Guy, yep some days I can totally relate to all that! Have a great weekend.

Ginger Shaw said...

Libbie is just so beautiful and those gorgeous eyes. She is so special
All your animals are beautiful. Every one of them in their own special way.
I’d spend all day just loving on them and never doing any work.
We are coming out of Winter now here in Kangaroo Land. Thank goodness.
Some days have been really cold.
Smooches to all your babies.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Happy belated Birhtday Michelle. And thanks for showing us all the amazing photos of your fur-children each week. I always love to read your posts ♥.

Jay Jay