Saturday, February 5, 2022

Animal Crackers - A Cold Brisk Sunny Afternoon

Howdy - 

It's been a bit cold here in Texas the last few days... ok I know for some you would smirk at that, but for us here in south Texas below freezing for a few days is cold. Things shut down and we shut in! But when you have all the fur babies life keeps moving and still have things you have to look over and take care of. Hubby does such a great job. But yesterday afternoon the sun came out and I braved out into the cold weather to snap a few photographs. Ok... so I worked fast... while Hubby was handing out some extra hay. 

 Crissy was all hunkered down into a pile of fresh hay. Enjoying the sun but staying out of the cold wind. 

She is such a pretty lady - really a total sweetheart. 

All of the lady donkeys were all stacked up watching close to "Dad" and the fact that it looked like fresh hay was coming soon! Jolene such a beautiful lady - with her dark nose and gorgeous fur all puffed up in the cold.

Pavo was right there standing and waiting for his share. I love their faces when they are all puffed up protecting themselves from the cold breeze.

Handsome man in a land of pretty women! Speaking of love - this photo I snapped of these girls. Patti standing over her gals. With Bella laying in the sun in front of her. Hannah her daughter giving some affection to her Mom. 
 Love it!  Hannah is such a sweet affectionate girl! LOL 
As I was making a fast break back to the house. Hey this gal doesn't run, but I was freezing cold! I saw this off to the side. Had to slow down be very very sneaky and quiet... Old Momma cat was out sunning herself next to Jorge's pen.

I snapped this photo and then tried to move around to the front of her... that was it. BAM! she was gone! In a flash, but she stopped and looked back at me. Once she saw I was backing up she slowed down and as I moved on she went back to the same spot. Must have been a really nice warm spot. 

As coming inside.. McLaren has a nice warm spot of her own. She had claimed the one back window with the sun streaming straight in like a heat lamp.

What a beauty - These four kittens have added so much drama, stress, mess and total chaos to our lives. But they also have added so much love, cuddles and laughter.. lots and lots of laughter! 

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Brrr, it is pretty chilly here in IOWA too. I am so done with winter! Your fur
babies have the right idea. A snuggle in the warm sunshine. Aww, I want (I need) some kittens. Love on them a bit extra from me.

Lee said...

Loving all your animals adore Donkeys and cats.Love goats in fact I love all animals.