Saturday, February 26, 2022

Animal Crackers - Hot Cold Hot Cold

Howdy - 

So first part of this week it was nearly 90 degrees... then the next day there was a more than 50 degree drop! Hot Cold Hot Cold.... it would be nice to have a happy medium for a few days! LOL After the cold wet weather came in I was out checking on the animals and found the three stooges hiding around the backside of the house. It was out of the wind and rainy weather. Cocoa was really back in there... Smart Donkey!

I then went to check on Big Al - technically he has been sold but they don't have his shelter and pen done yet so he still lives here. I'm ok with that ... really hate to see him leave. He is such a sweetheart! 

Now at this time I was shivering and decided it was time to make my way back to the house. 32 and rainy is too cold for me! I stopped at the chicken coop to say hello... it amazes me cold, hot doesn't matter they were all buzy and doing their job... scratch scratch ... cluck cluck. Always busy.... 
They are happy good looking ladies aren't they? 
Love our chickens... and their yummy eggs of course ;0) We have been talking about the fact we need to get a few chicks this spring.... I think maybe we should get some different kinds of chickens this time. But Hubby says what ain't broke... we do really well with the kind we have, they are healthy and produce well. I guess that makes sense. Last time I got "odd" chickens they didn't last long and had issues.

On the back porch I found Tuxedo or Momma Cat as we now call her. She was toasty warm snuggled in the corner under her heat lamp. She loves that heat lamp. Hubby has invited he inside, but she will only come to the door, look inside and then bolt out into the yard. She is happy outside especially with that heat lamp when it is cold.

Thought I would show off a happy smile this week. I added another Steiff Kitty to my little collection. I adore antique steiff animals - I of course have a couple of the little donkeys... but we have 1/2 dozen of the little kitties. They made so many cute ones. Well we found one we didn't have this last week. In wonderful condition still with her button ear tag!

Funny how little things like this make you smile. We need that once in a while don't we?

Hope that this week you got a smile from my fur babies and feathered little chickens. Have a blessed week. 

HUGS and

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