Saturday, June 4, 2022

Animal Crackers - Guest Prospective

Howdy - 

This week Animal Crackers has a guest photographer! Our sweet young friend Madi brought her friends out to visit. The animals, not us.. LOL I love to get her to take photos while she is here. She takes great photos with a totally different prospective than I me. 


The Fur kids love when she visits with friends. They all head out get in the mix and love on everyone. When you are young and in your twenties you can get down that low and take great photos. Me.. it takes me too long to get up. ha! Love this photo of Irene... those fabulous ears in the sun!! 

Great long view of Juliet too!

She is such a pretty girl. Great view with that blue sky behind her! 

Patti must have gotten tired waiting her turn for head scratches... resting on her daughter Irene's back.

Josie decided she needed to pull the I am adorable love on me pose...  Oh she pulls that one off really well!

I am betting that she took a little nip of her shirt there if she wasn't paying attention quick enough. She is so demanding! Ok really so spoiled. But when you are that cute it is just a given.
Jorge was looking for attention... He was giving that hello I am a single man here please come and see me too!
 You are so handsome Jorge they have to give you attention! LOL
Next was the goat pen... feeding a little fresh green grass is always an attention grabber! And Scarlett "Red" is always pushy and up front for fresh grass! 

 That tongue is a scream! She is so funny! 

Alvin decided for three cute young ladies he would make the effort and get up and show off how handsome he is.

Yes Alvin they are going to love on you. They are not even afraid of the smell. He is really very handsome. LOL 

I really love when Madi comes out and plays with all the kids. They love seeing different people, and I love watching them enjoy my fur babies. 

You have your Animal Crackers smile? I hope so! And I hope you enjoyed our guest photographer this week! Thank you so much Madi and friends! Y'all did a great job with photos! 

HUGS and have a very blessed weekend!

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Carol Dee said...

Great photos. Always fun sharing the fur kids with others. They sure do like to pose!