Saturday, June 18, 2022

Animal Crackers - How can you resist that adorable face?

Howdy - 

How can you resist that adorable face? I mean seriously cute! Miguel was really begging for attention. Ok, so I think it was begging for treats, which I did not have anything. Sorry big guy.

Now he was not a good boy at this point. My brand new shirt now has a stretched out area and almost got a hole! I guess that is what I deserve for not having treats! Amazing how fast they get those noses through the fence and grab you! Diego was hanging back and being sweet ... ok hold that!! 

Yep he too "reached" out! You know you will get loving Diego! Kisses on his nose and lots of loving! He is my baby! My first baby.. and even though he is getting older now he will always be my baby. And always get his kisses! LOL 

I turn to my right and this is what I see inches from my face!

Now I kissed the top of that sweet little nose, but then I explained that for a handsome photo we need to see his handsome eyes. 
Oh much better Flavio! You are so good looking!

And Mr. Patricio you are handsome too! Now if Flavio wouldn't be a attention hog you could get up here for a close up too! 

Now even going out early in the morning, the goats were already crashing and not wanting to pose and come to me. Maybe it was a breakfast hay coma? They were all munching and totally zoning out!

I can normally get someone to look up and come at me. Someone?? Please look up and give me a smile!

Thank you VERA!! She decided that she felt sorry for me and looked up and grinned for just a minute. LOL
Now I can't believe I didn't share this photo ! But I can't find it in my past post. It is a favorite of mine that I snapped earlier in the month and when looking to see who I have shown off lately I realized this one wasn't in any of my post. WHAT?? REALLY??  


I snapped this one afternoon when Hubby was down on the floor going through one of his jars of bits... you know - old nails, screws, bolts etc. When you work on old furniture you collect all the little things you can find and save for future use! Well here he was looking for an old flat top screw and he had lots of help trying to find the right size. It was sooo cute. They would reach out to play with one, he would calmly say "noooo" and the foot would go back. McLaren was getting frustrated and every time "Dad" would say no she would wiggle closer. You can see she had been told no more than once as she was now on top of the pile. LOL This photo just makes my heart all warm and happy. Not that I "wanted" all these kitties... Yeah I am totally in love with them and can't imagine not having them. But don't tell Hubby ok? I still blame him when they get into something... ha! 

Hope you have a warm happy feeling and have a big smile! 

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Soaring Eagle said...

So sweet. Love spending Saturdays with you and the gang.

Carol Dee said...

A day late again. I blame retirement and old age. LOL. But always fun to come and catch up with all the cuteness going on there. Have a wonderful week.