Saturday, February 17, 2024

Animal Crackers - Drizzle Day

Howdy - 

Dreary Drizzle morning yesterday and I really did not want to go out in it. So I put it off... waited so late yesterday afternoon and then I just had to go. Drizzle had stopped so that was good, but it was wet and muddy. Good thing I slipped on Hubby's shoes to walk out to the back pen! LOL Didn't want to get mine wet and muddy now did I?

Found the ladies out grazing and around what was left of their hay bale.

The winter grass is just out of control. Thick and green, but not all the donkeys favorite to eat. From what Hubby tells me winter grass is more bitter than normal coastal grass. Everyone is having to adjust and eat more of it than they like. They would rather fresh green coastal bales of hay morning and night, but that just ain't happening. Some of the girls don't seem to mind at all and are out grazing and not complaining. 

Macie isn't one of them. I have told y'all many times she is my calm sweet old girl. Well yesterday - she was a total opposite! Holy Cow Macie! Loud, Pushy and just down right rude about wanting me to get her something else to eat! The hay bale isn't a green fresh as she likes and the winter too bitter - so find me something else! Now I know it is hard to believe but this photo makes her look slim and trim compared to her normal view. She hasn't missed any meals, honestly!

I adore this girl.... but you gotta eat what is out there girl! Stop your crying! LOL

Now Juliet and Bella were just munching away at the bale. I went out real quiet and leaned into the hay ring... you NEVER sneak up on Juliet! But she was actually a bit surprised I was there. LOL


I snapped my photo and turned and started heading back up to the front of the pen. I had maybe a second or two before she would be on my side pushing me and rubbing her head on my shoulders and side. Which isn't a bad thing unless you are a like me and a klutz and have to stay on the path. LOL 

As I got back to level ground I turned and found that not only Juliet followed me. Pepita and Irene were both right there. Poor Irene must have had her head stuck pretty far into the bale of hay, cuz she had a huge piece stuck to her ear and in her eye. She kept blinking and shaking her head trying to remove it. 

No worries we took care of it for her. She let me love all over her, then turned and went back to the hay bale... and stuck in deep into the hole she had created. Pepita gave me a glance and then turned and followed. She is always a follower and stick close to whoever she is paired up to at the time.

Before I left the pen, I decided to walk over to Raffie's pen and say hello. Since he wasn't totally focused on a girl at that time. That is his focus most of the day you know...


He is such a handsome stud! And it is so wonderful that as a "Jack" he is such a sweetheart. Well to us... 

Came inside to upload my photos and found little Ferrari - Bed was all made nice and neat - and she was a classic little kitty all curled up in a ball right in the center of the bed. 

 Silly pretty little girl. 

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers smile - Spending time out with my fur babies is such a joy and sharing them with you makes us all happy! 

HUGS and

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Ginger Shaw said...

Loved all your photos as usual.
I guess your babies enjoyed a bit of rain.
Makes the grass grow.
Wish it would rain here. The humidity is awful.
Take care