Saturday, February 10, 2024

Animal Crackers - EGGS!

Howdy - 

Out early yesterday morning - The chickens were being very loud. I won't complain too much because they FINALLY are laying eggs! This group has been the slowest we have ever had from chicks. But the eggs are coming now! So they are now working to earn their own weight around here! LOL

They are pretty ladies aren't they? We are very happy we are finally getting eggs.... do you know how frustrating it is to be feeding all these girls and having to BUY EGGS!

Darn it I spent too much time talking to the chickens! Hubby went to get a round bale early and I was heading out to see the girls before they were released on their new buffet. I forgot in order to get the bale in, he has to occupy them in the front of their pen... only way to occupy this group of gals.... FOOD! 

This means all I see for the camera is back ends around the decoy breakfast bale, and swishing tails!

Fanci Pants and Hannah were working fast on the same little section. Being sweet... nice girls. Yeah 2 seconds later Fanci pushed Hannah off and she had to make her way to another area. 

No worries she found a place in the circle.

Now I did have to go in and get that little cactus piece off her forehead. Not watching where she was grazing I suspect! 

I did get Juliet to look up at me. Oh wait... that was just up to chew and being that she stands over all the miniatures it just appears she is raised up to look at me. She was all about the fresh breakfast she was enjoying! 

OH I thinks she was giving me a slight look... it was probably killing her to not come over to the fence for attention. But I know where I stand. Breakfast first Juliet ... then me. 

Forget that... "Dad" just dropped the round bale and moved out the truck and trailer. It was a quick trot over to that big 5ft x 5ft hay bale! I guess next time Juliet! 

Hope you have a smile again this week - Kids were all happy and enjoying the day. Nice weather, green grass and fresh hay! The world is good! 

HUGS and -


Ginger Shaw said...

How nice to know that your chickens have finally decided to give you eggs.
Home made ones always taste nicer than the ones you buy at the shops.
I loved the photo of the back end of your babies.
Very cute.
You’re lucky you get any photos at all of your babies when there is food around.
I only get attention from my little dog Molly when there is food around.
Take care.

Carol Dee said...

YEAH!!!! EGGS finally.
I do understand how the donkeys are about food because that is how I am. LOL