Saturday, March 2, 2024

Animal Crackers - You can't see her...

Howdy - 

Went out to take photos yesterday afternoon ... had to wait till mid afternoon it was just dreary and wet all morning, but then suddenly the clouds cleared and sun came out. I went out front to see the "3 Stooges" our full size donkeys. They were all in front grazing in the nice weather. As I walked up front I noticed that Cocoa was "hiding' from me... she was turning her head away and looking like I couldn't see her. What do you think? She doing a good job hiding from me under the oak tree?


Finally she came out and said hello... but she didn't want to until I really talked her out. Now Teddy... he was enjoying the grass and chowing down!


So so happy the grass is thick and feeding them. Oh the 3 stooges are at the back gate every morning screaming out for breakfast to be brought out to them. In winter they get louder and louder until it is delivered. But now that they have spring grass coming in they yell out for a little while then give up and feed themselves. Cracks me up.... I do the same I guess.... Lets get Mexican Food... Lets go.... now lets go.... oh ok we will just find something at home to eat. LOL 

I then went out to the goat pen and saw the guy goats. Stinky... dirty... wet,  but AJ is still a cutie. Oh sorry men like Handsome! 

AJ's brother Chipmunk was lounging behind his hut. Just as Handsome. Now what I didn't show was their hut.... sad sad hut.

Hubby fixes it and gets it all nice for Chipmunk and his brother AJ. Within a few weeks, they have head butted, banged and destroyed it again. Last time they tore the back completely off. This time it is on its side. Not that it is new to turn it over, but this may be a last time as this poor hut has been repaired too many times. Ha! 

As destructive as the brothers are... they are nothing compared to Domino. He is a bit bigger, and much more aggressive. His pen is usually always a mess, turning over everything. His fence is no longer straight. He charges and bangs on the panels and they ALL are bowed out. As I got out to him he was scratching the top of his head... then banging his horns. Yep... destructive!

One more photo from earlier in the week.... we had a cold front come through and it got pretty chilly. Hubby and I were watching a movie and I was under a quilt. And very warm with the top layer of kitties!

Bubba, Mommy Cat and Ferarri all were all curled ON TOP OF me. So we were all staying warm! LOL Sweet kitties! And yes very warm kitties. 

Hope you have a smile again this week. Enjoyed our fur children again this week. 

Have a blessed weekend 

HUGS and

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Ginger Shaw said...

Nice to have green grass growing so the donkeys can feed themselves.
What naughty boys the goats are.
Don’t realise what a good life they have.
Nice to see the kitties keeping warm.
We are into Autumn now and the weather has cooled a bit.
Thank goodness.
Take care.