Saturday, March 23, 2024

Animal Crackers - Celebrating Libbie

Howdy - 

 This is a hard one to write ... But I am going to try and make this a celebration instead of sad. This week we lost the leader of our family. Miss Libbie. 


There is a huge hole in our hearts. But it was time. She was old, Hubby figured it out. 15 years, 4 months and 4 days old. She was blind and the last few months pretty slow but still in charge. 

Hubby and I have been really talking about our favorite memories of her. Like the day we met her. 

 We drove almost 4 hours to "look" at a Miniature Aussie. Got there late in the evening knocked on the door and said we were excited to see her Miniatures... The lady looked funny at us and said oh I'm sorry all my Mini's are sold all I have now is a couple of Toy Aussies. TOY? Flashes of Paris Hilton and dressing up dogs.... I wasn't sure about that. They came around the corner with her.... tiny thing in one hand. I'm not sure... we were use to full size Border Colllies. But I looked over at Hubby and I knew we were buying a puppy. He was totally in love.  And honestly as soon as I held her... so was I. 

We had to wait a couple more weeks until we could bring her home. But the day we picked her up, we knew she was meant to be a member of her family. This next photo is one of my all time favorite photos..... My Manly Man and his new dog.

Beautiful Little girl as a puppy and as she grew up. 

 While she was still a puppy, despite me saying I would never dress up my dog.... we came across a Halloween costume and I just couldn't help myself. It lasted about 30 seconds. And she was not happy with me at all! 


She had it off and away from me in less than a minute and spent the rest of the day giving me this same look. I never put her through that again. It was just degrading for a dog of her standing! 

 And the puppies she gave us... oh my! She and Autie really did make beautiful babies. 


She was a good Momma. Not the most gentle and cuddling Momma all the time. But Autie was there to back her up and do the cuddling. But she did her job and was good with the puppies. All three litters she had. 

From day one she was in charge of us all. And ran the house. Well and ran the animals outside too.

We never let her out with the goats or donkeys but even with a fence between them she ran them mentally and physically. 

She watched over them... even when she lost her sight. She knew where everyone was and would sit outside and listen to them all. 


Another of my favorite photos... Her leading Autie around the yard. He was never allowed to run ahead of her, but always stayed right by her side.

Now they are together again I suppose on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge they talk about. 

I will miss her so much just as we do Autie. 

We will always love you Libbie!

Hugs and - have a blessed weekend.


Carol Dee said...

So Sorry for your loss. She was such a beautiful little lady. She had the best life with you and your hubby. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I remember when you got her! I remember all your wonderful posts on her puppies and she has alway had a big great personality. My little Chloe went over the rainbow bridge in August and she was close in age to Libbie and they had similar personalities so I really enjoyed your beautiful girls stories. She was so pretty! I know you have a lot of great memories to think back on, I hope they gelp you through this difficult time. Sending hugs. Lori K.

TA Carbone said...

So sorry for your loss. I remember when you got her. Can't believe it was that long.

Peggy S from OH said...

So very sorry of such a prominent member of your family. It hurts so much to lose them, because they give us ALL their love each and every day. She was blessed to have you for her family and she in urn blessed you.

Ginger Shaw said...

So sorry for the loss of Libbie.
What a wonderful life she had with you.
It hurts so much when we lose them but the greatest gift of love is when we know it’s time to let them go.
She will never leave you because she will be in your heart forever.

Aviator said...

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Niki said...

So sorry for your loss. All the fur babies are special, and Libbie especially. May your good memories comfort you.

Joani McDonald said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I've had many dogs over my years and when they pass it is a pain I know all too well but it still hurts. Last Memorial weekend we lost our black shepherd of almost 15 years. Two weeks short of 15 years. I still cry and say that there will be no more, I can not handle that pain any longer. I can tell you that with the loss search in your heart all the beautiful memories to help ease your pain.

Martina said...

Hello Michelle,
I just saw your post today and I am so sorry to read about your big loss! I know Libbie was old and we are kind of "prepared", but hey...we lost our 19 years old cat Mika last September and I know how you feel! They have spent such a lobng tie with us and have a very special place in our heart!