Saturday, March 16, 2024

Animal Crackers - Bubba's Glamour Shot

Howdy - 

The other day I was sitting and talking with Bubba... started snapping some photos while playing with settings on my phone's camera that I have never used. This one cracked me up!! Flash back to all those wonderful 1980's Glamour Shot photos. So here is Bubba's Napoleon Dynamite photo! 

 As you can see he was not amused with me snapping all the photographs. But this is his serious Glamour Shot... I just don't know why but it just makes me laugh to hard! 
Now I went out yesterday afternoon trying to get some photos before the storms moved through. Most everyone was in hiding or way out in their pens and walking through the wet grass in my flip flops just wasn't in my plan. So I stuck closer up to the house... had a chat with old Alvin. He was having a late lunch but still took time with me. 
That made me think I could make it over to his boys pen and snap a photo of them ... Alvin Jr. "AJ" was also chowing down.... way too big of bites Dude!

He is a copy of his daddy... Just younger and thinner at this point. 

I was snapping a photo of his brother Chipmunk... but he made mad so he didn't get a photo today. The wind was really blowing and my hair must have tempted him too much... well in half of a second his nose poked through the fence and he had a giant wad of my hair and then yanked as hard as he could. Thank goodness he dropped when I yelled!!! Otherwise I might have had to have some shaved hair cut in my future! OUCH! 
Then I heard a loud whining scream. Miss Darlene was making sure I knew she was out and there was no "old people gruel" in her bucket. Sorry old girl... Dad feeds you that in the morning and despite you taking a nap... it is still the same day! HA!

She is such a funny girl. I did go over and do some lovings on her. She is just too sweet to ignore. 

Hubby sent me this photo this week. He was out in one of the pastures and found Grey Beard and Orange enjoying one of the old trees. Just hanging out I guess -

But honestly that is what their whole day it right? Sleep, eat breakfast, nap, explore, hang out, eat then hunker down for Sleep again. Tough life.

I snapped a photo of Hubby's Amaryllis flowers. They are SO gorgeous! These are the first two of many buds that came up this year.

These bulbs came from a sweet old lady we knew in one of the little towns we lived in. Her old German Yard was FULL of them!! We were very lucky to have gotten some to remember her and enjoy in our yard! 

One last photo... wanted to capture Hubby's Tomato plants! They are in and doing great! I can see sliced tomatoes in our future!!! MMMMM

Hope you have a smile this week... if not scroll back up to that photo of Bubba!! Cracks me up!!

Have a blessed weekend!
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TA Carbone said...

Hi Michele
Will any of the donkeys have little ones this year?

Carol Dee said...

Yes, I wanna be a cat in my next life!