Saturday, July 25, 2009

Donkey/Libbie Day - early in the morning

Well I messed up this morning - I didn't get out with my camera before "Dad" fed breakfast - what does that mean? Well not many donkey faces to snap photos of... just this....

None of the adults were interested in looking at me at all... it was the same in every pen. OH well... the two babies were playing so I got to snap a few of them...

Cali was trying to get a hold of their new ball they got this week... then Mirta saw that "Mom" was snapping photos... so she headed over to get some love.

She is really a stunner! She has these two hair tuffs under her eyes.. they are so cute. You can just see them in this photo... And she seems to be staying pretty small - but she keeps up with Cali, actually most of the time out runs Cali -

Cali is a stunner herself, just much lighter in color. Her ears are much larger - well she is larger all over, but not too big - just normal. She too had to come over for love, and dropped the ball to get a hug from me.

Libbie... well I took almost 40 photos trying to get a few of Miss Libbie... she is just so active - here she is watching the donkeys - one of her favorite things to do. Most of the time this morning she was herding... no I don't let her out with the donkeys. She was herding grass hoppers in her pen. It is really cute watching her gather them all up in the center of the pen, and it is also pretty funny to see her when they jump through the fence.. she gets so mad. Yes she has a horrible temper.

Oh one more thing in this photo... she is really filling out and her adult coloring is really showing. She is a beautiful Blue Merle color - with dark spots... but I think one of my favorite things is her adorable Australian Shepherd "Butt Skirt"... LOL Hubby keeps saying we should cut off her little hiney fluff.. but no way!! I love it!

I called her name... watch out she is running full steam!

But still my sweet beautiful baby! Sorry she is squinting the sun was in her eyes over my shoulder... But you can really see her ice blue eyes -

Well hope you enjoyed the photos - next week I snap before they are fed! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!
HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos! I can't think of a better way to start the day than looking at those precious baby donkeys and your Libbie! She's stunning!

DawnMarie said...

Hi Michelle, hope you are well. Any rain yet?? Gorgeous baby donkey photo's today, both Cali and Mirta are stunningly cute and I cannot beleive how quickly Libbie has grown, she is so beautiful and her eyes are a gorgeous colour of blue. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

Thanks again for the beautiful pics to look at while I am having my coffee. They are so cute. I LOVE those babies, they are so cuddly looking. And Libbie, too funny, she looks like a terrible toddler looking for mischeif, lol. Thats what my pugs do too. She is just gorgeous. I think her hinny fur is too pretty to cut off too. Have a great weekend Michelle.

Penni said...

I do love your Donkey and Libbie Day. The young ones are sooo cute and so is Libbie - boy can she run!!!!


Diamond Doll said...

Thanx for sharing more fab pics of the Donkeys and Libbie, those too babies are such cuties.
Trish (-:

Heidi said...

Hi Michelle
Wow those photos are so cute. Love them. Hope you are having a wonderful summer my friend

Hugs and love

Annie said...

great pics Michelle, and those donkey babies are just so adorably fluffy! hugs, annie x said...

Michelle...Just made my morning with your great photography...Hugs Deloris