Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Donkey/Libbie Day 4th of July!

Well Happy 4th of July! Hope you have some fun plans for the day - Donkey/Libbie day is a great way to start right!

First some wonderful news... Rosie is feeling soooo much better! She still gets weak and goes off and lays down during the hottest part of the day - but Hey I would do the same thing! It has been 103 out there! But she is sticking with the group most of the time. This was the best photo I could get of her... some views just really show how skinny she actually is and it just isn't pretty. All though I think she looks beautiful up, eating and with her buddies!

Speaking of buddies... Here is Rosie's best Buddie Irene.. being used as a head rest for Freddie.. I mean why hold your head up if you don't have too.. some else is got to be close to lean on.

I know I haven't been showing many photos of Gloria lately... poor little think has just looked horrible!! She was shedding all that baby fur - and would not let me brush her out for nothing... Well "Dad" and I got out there the other night and forced her to let us get some of the matted mess off her. She wasn't happy - but now she is just stunning! And I think much cooler and happier now. WOW she is so dark and gorgeous! She was an adorable little baby... but she is really growing up to be a beauty!
Lacey and Cali - and LOOK Cali's head is clean!!! I had to put the camera down and love on her, and tell her how proud I was I could take a photo with out a "mess" on her head! She is such a funny girl. And Lacey is a great Mom.

And of course we have to show a photo of Vicki and Mirta .. Wow I cannot tell you how great of Mom Vicki is - I was so worried about her because she has always had no patience with the babies. But she is almost over protective with Mirta (which is good cuz she is so little)

And then I just had to show this one of Mirta... must be hard to be so little and have to look up so much! You can almost see that her eyes are not the normal brown here... they are a pretty blue/green like her Moms... rare! and Gorgeous!

And now.. for Libbie's weekly photo.... OR NOT! People I think we are into the terrible teens!! She would not sit still for anything. I think it was all of my bragging how wonderful she was to take photos of as a puppy... this morning she was nothing but a blur! This was the best I got - and it isn't much! And we just won't even discuss what my dining room floor looks like! She got a hold of a roll of TP yesterday - again. The thing is that I think Gato.. the cat is helping her get the rolls from on top of the cabinet - I know Libbie can't reach them - so as mad as I get at both of them - hey they are pretty funny that they work so well together as a team! LOL

One nature photo - This is one of my Crepe Myrtle trees - we have a bunch of these around the property that we planted just after we moved here. I just love the color they add in the heat of the summer! This morning they were alive with bees! You could hear them all the way across the yard! Thousands of them! Really a cool thing to watch.. from a safe distance! LOL

I do hope you have a wonderful weekend - and a safe 4th of July! Me.. friends are coming for a late lunch BBQ and then a quiet evening crafting - Sunday... I hope Hubby and I are going to get to go out to lunch and a movie!! Haven't done that in a few years!

HUGS and-


Anne said...

how cute is Mirta now, she's coming on a treat
Anne x

Ms. Cheryl said...

Michelle, Looking at Rosie gave me a thought... I don't know what the vet says is wrong with her so I may be waaaaaaay off here but I had an idea. She reminds me of a horse I had named Jack. I bought him as an OLD horse, probably 28-30years old. He was a sad case but after about 6 months I had him looking sharp. I tube wormed my horses twice a year. One Feb. I wormed and Jack went off his feed, developed diarrhea(the non-stop type) and lost alot of weight. I had the Purina rep stop by and I adjusted his feed, I spent a fortune at the vet and even got advise from a special lab. I gave him antibiotics, a gallon of Red Cell and fed him charcoal. The charcoal worked the best but I never got him well. It seems the worming flushed out all the normal bacteria in the colon and I could never get it built back up. What I didn't try was yogurt. Yogurt helps replace the normal bacteria. Why don't you try giving Rosie a treat everyday, once or twice a day, of real yogurt(not the flavored kind) and see if it will help her. It won't hurt her. It's nutricious and cheap compared to vets and medicine. And she'll feel special!!!! It will make her feel good too. Let me know, ms.cheryl

ribenaruby said...

Happy 4th July! Beautiful pics, Mirta is just gorgeous and Cali has the most stunning eyes. Hope you have a splendid weekend.

Happy Crafter said...

Fabulous pics they are all gorgeous and Libbie and Gato in cohoots well who said cats and dogs dont get along these two sure do :)
Hugzz Val xxx

Penni said...

Happy 4th of July - hope you have a good one.

I love your donkeys so much, they are all soooooo beautiful and they always make me smile. Give Rosie a special hug from me.


Heather Huggins said...

These are so precious!! Happy 4th!!!

DawnMarie said...

Hi Michelle, hope you had a wonderful day! Love all the pics of your fur babies, the little ones are coming on so well. Beautiful picture of your trees, love the flowers. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Jóna said...

Love to look at your donkeys and Libbie, every week. So does my daughter :o)

Lynn said...

I just love seeing your beautiful little donkeys! I know they are like your children. So cute.

Suzanne said...

Great pics as always so nice to see the babies growing up so fit and healthy,and Libbie sounds just like honey always up to no good like naughty children!!! Sue :o)