Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet the Goats!

First I thought I might show you what Hubby built this week... yes my Craft Room went on hold again.. sigh - but we had lots of rain predicted so we had to have some shelter for the goats right off. Actually he built two... this is the larger, and then he built a smaller one as well. Cute huh? Still needs to be painted, but heck so does my house! I told him all this needs is Satelite TV and a hot tub!  My backyard is really looking like a little village now! Good think Libbie is so little and we don't let her out by herself anyway... her area of the yard is much smaller now as we have fenced off this goat area until next year when we can build a large goat pen. They don't need a lot of room.. they are small goats. 17-19 inches but still I would like them to have a larger area. Oh these are Dwarf Nigerian Goats in case you missed that last week.

This is "Indian Paintbrush"  Just as the Donkeys, these are registered animals, and have registered names. And a lot of times it is a formal name - We are just calling her Paintbrush - She had claim to the house right off. And is really funny, she stays in it all day - only comes out to drink and eat. I was told she loved to be "indoors" but Wow... she really does love her houses. She goes in and turns around and stands just in the doorway. Really pretty funny - Oh and she has been shown and is a Reserve Champion! She really is stunning.

This is "Lillie Hammer", or just Lillie for us, she really is a beautiful color, and her black stripes are really stiking. She is one of the curious ones. Right in front all the time. But very skittish - heck they all are, but she is almost ready to be loved all over, you can tell she wants it.

And this is "Anna Bell"  - yes we have a Donkey named Anna Bella...  Hubby is calling her Annie - he says she needs a more fun name, less formal as she is the youngest, actually Lillie is her Momma - Annie is the most jumpy and other than putting her new collar on her as we put her into the pen, we haven't had our hands on her.  But she is beautiful! And she will calm down the more we mess with her.

And Now our BUCK... and be ready as he is really HYSTERICAL!  I don't know why but just looking at him cracks me up!

Now this is "Egg Nog" I know really silly name huh? He was born near Christmas. We don't like it, but it is his registered name and we can't change it. The previous owner didn't like it either and she just called him Stinky... ok I have come to find out that is a very correct descriptive term for him - fits really well. But Hubby said no way was he calling him that it wasn't right. So we called out name over and over. I then said it had to have something to do with those gorgeous blue eyes! And there it was.. Frankie! As in Frank Sinatra... LOL  And he loves to "sing" too... He talks all the time while you are outside. And do you love those horns? One goes forward and one back... too funny.

You can really see how gorgeous Paintbrush and Frankie's colors are here. And yes.. that is one of my "collectible" graniteware bowls they are eating out of. We forgot to get them bowls at the feed store - and so we had to make do until we get some new ones. They don't seem to be impressed with it unless it is full of their pellets -

You can really tell the Annie is Lillies little girl here - Annie has more black on her and a white spot on her side, but seh really does favor her Mom.

Well that is the four of them, and soon to be more! As all three of the girls should be pregnant - may have babies as early as the end of January... but February and March for sure. Unlike the 11-13 month wait with the donkeys, the goats are only 5 months. And they can have 3-4 of them at a time quite regularly. Both Lillie and Paintbrush had triplets last time I think.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday - I don't know if I will be back tomorrow or not with photos of the craft room, depends on if we get it finished tonight or not.. sorry... I keep dragging it out - but life just keeps throwing us curve balls  :0)  You know life!

HUGS and-


Jo said...

Michelle, these little goats are gorgeous and so cute, I did miss the Donkeys and Libbie today though, hope they are all doing fine. The bird shed here is like a palace even has its own lighting and heating with radio too!!! Me,I have eyestrain and have to freeze!! Hugs Jo x

ribenaruby said...

Beautiful pics, lovely introduction to the goats, they've settled very nicely, love the goat house too!

Anonymous said...
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Shelly said...

They're so cute!!! Hubby did a great job on their house.

Diamond Doll said...

Loving your new Goats Michelle the houses are fab.Thanx for sharing the pics with us.
Trish (-:

Sheila said...

Oh, how sweet they all are, Michelle. Your Hubby did a great job on their house - my girls would love to use it for their play house. :) Thanks for sharing the pics - looking forward to more of the craft room when you can.

DawnMarie said...

Oh I love the goats Michelle, so cute and Frankie is such a honey, I love his goatee beard! Looking forward to finding out more about them. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Melissa S. said...

Michelle, the goats are so darn cute. I can't wait for the babies. I was looking over the earlier posts and the photos of Freddy when he was a baby are too cute. I had no idea they are so fuzzy at first. How is he doing with his new family or do you get to keep in touch. I have no idea how that works. Not being much of a farmer. We had some chickens once.

PaperSunshine said...

Very cool goats :) You already seem to love them and they will be loving you back just like you said in no time! They are going to have an awesome home - good luck with the babies and your new adventure!

Linda said...

I don't think they could get any cuter! Can I come live with you? :)

Cazzy said...

I love goats, used to have them at school and milk them.

These are so cute.

Cazzy x

Rufus said...

Thanks for the pic's of the newest members of the family. They look right at home. Hubby did a great "rush" job on their new home.

Anne said...

Your new goats are absolutely ADORABLE! Can't wait to see more photos! Hope you enjoy their antics!

TA Carbone said...

Oh Michelle they are just beautiful. Wow never seen goats this small and Frankie is just beautiful. I guess that's because that was my beloved husbands name :) Well here is Wishing You, Your Husband, and all Your Family (Yes including all the babies) and Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

Your Friend

Mel said...

These little guys are adorable ! Melx