Saturday, December 11, 2010

Animal Crackers - A Fogged In Saturday Morning

Well with this Winter time change, by the time I got home yesterday it was already dark... I hate that! So I couldn't get any photos yesterday. I went out this morning and it was so foggy I couldn't see the donkeys! So I waited about 45 minutes and went back out. Not a whole lot better, but at least I could find the pens!
I guess because of the fog - most everyone was still being a bit lazy this morning. Jorge hadn't even gotten up yet.. LOL but he is a little boy so that is ok.
The goats were up and active - Chloe's new favorite place is the top of their newly sided hut. Jill also loves jumping up there, but Chloe knocks her off.. this is her special place. So far no one else has figured out how to jump up there. Great balance to not slide off that wet metal huh?
Vicki - she is so pretty, you can't see her green eyes here.  She is registered as a Spot of course, but the cool thing is that she is pretty much brown spot - but she has these amazing black spots as well. Hard to find black and white spots. Maybe one day we will get a black and white spot.
Ellie Mae - she makes me sad. She is just so gorgeous, her eyes are stunning and she has an amazing voice, you can hear her for miles. Fabulous personality. So why does this make me sad? She is now 5 or 6 and no babies. We just don't know why, she has been with more than one stud  so it isn't the guy - - maybe one day.
Puppy Photos!!
Reno - how stinking adorable is he? We met up with his new owners next weekend so only one more week with him. He really has the sweetest personality, he loves to be cuddled but he also is one hard player!
The littlest one, Chica. But this doesn't stop her from being the leader - she is just like her Mom. Type A personality, super high strung. And just totally adorable!
Mini Lib - Shy - quiet - and totally laid back! Oh she will play hard with her brother and sister, but she is the first to back off when when it gets rough.  But man.. look at that face! She is gorgeous, same Blue Merle as Libbie, same gorgeous bright blue eyes - but then from her Dad Autie, she is gonna have a ton of copper on her. Can't wait to see how her coloring ends up!

Well since I am so late this morning - I better get a groove on and do some double time! I have to clean the house, do laundry and I want to get my chores all done quick so I can sit this after noon and craft some Christmas gifts made. I hope, I hope, :0) 

Have a wonderful Saturday! See you tomorrow for Dust It off Sunday - 
HUGS and


Yvonne said...

Fog or not, the pictures are great again Michelle. The puppy's are so cute!! You can almost see them grow. How does Cato do with them?
Nice weekend! Yvonne

Carol Dee said...

It is foggy here today also. A good day to stay in and get some work done. (O.K. after I check out Animal Crakers!) Those puppies are so adoral, I think Mini is my fav. :) Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs...

Jilli said...

You have the most gorgeous puppies ever! The donkeys are adorable too. I just love donkey Saturday. Thanks for making my day ... hugs Jillix

LorraineB said...

I love the faces of all of your animals and Chloe on the roof - how cute is that! By the way, I have a Vicki too. She's my second child of the human variety.

Cynde said...

Michelle they are all so stinking cute! Are Mini and Chica sold yet? They are sooo precious. I have never seen the minatures before. They are soo cute. I love seeing all your critters every week. Don't always comment but always check in. Hope you get some crafty time today. Happy Holidays to you and Hubby!

BethW said...

I would have to keep all of those totally adorable puppies! Of course I know you want to!

Vicky said...

your donkeys are adorable and goats, loved your pictures, your puppies are also adorable.
Thank you for sharing your photos I enjoyed looking at them.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Oh, oh, those adorable puppies!! They are the cutest puppies EVER! Love the donkey pics & Chloe obviously loves being queen of the castle. :) Hope you're having a great weekend.

Barbara Moore said...

The card is as cute as can be. It makes me laugh. I love the pictures! The puppies have grown so guickly and thy are just adorable.

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