Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Me and My Space - My Sewing Machine and Thread

I have had a few emails asking me about what sewing machine I use. And so today I thought I would share my machine I LOVE and a great thread box I found.

So this is my baby. Since Hubby built me my craft room and I was able to finally have the space to use my Dad's large drafting table as my desk, I have had the space on my desk to just leave my machine right there next to me. That is one of the reasons you see me sewing on most all of my projects. I love the look... and well it saves a ton on adhesive! LOL

I guess I need to be fair here and give credit where credit is due. I have a Janome machine, because my sister Melanie NAGGED me to get a Janome. Not the tiny craft machine, a real sized Janome. Yes it was just a bit higher in price compared to other Singers and Brother machines. But well... I have had both in the past few years. First the Singer, it was a few years old when I started using it for my paper crafts. Then it started jamming and acting up. So I went out and got a Brother, was so excited about it cuz it had like a million different stitches. And less than a year later... jamming and tangling. The repair shop asked what I was sewing to create all the fuzz in the machine. The plastic gears were totally jammed up. And can you believe he was shocked when I told him cards!! Paper is really hard on sewing machines evidently.

So long story there to say my next machine I saved my pennies until I could afford a Janome. Doesn't have the million stitches, but enough for what I really need. The main thing about the Janome for me is that the machine has all metal gears and is sturdy. Very well made and holds ups. I have this machine now for over two years, and I think in all that time it has jammed only once... hope that doesn't jinx me now :0)

So my Sister was right... man that was hard to say!! LOL The quality of this machine really does stand out, and I just LOVE my Janome.

Now while in the sewing subject. I thought I would show off my thread storage. I do think I may have shown this before, but I love it so much I am just so happy with it, I'll show it again!
This is a ArtBin Thread Box - I got mine at JoAnn's... you can see it HERE, and it is on sale!!! hmm.. wonder if I need a second one? LOL I also have a bobbin box in my box -

Don't all the colors just make you smile?? I use to change thread colors with every card I made. But well... I have gotten a bit lazy and use white most all the time now. But when I want a color I have them :0)
Now for my fun personal item this week... thought I would show you a few of my mini donkey items on my shelf above my desk. I LOVE my Eeyore Disney punch... it just makes me smile to have a "punch" with a donkey on it. And then there are three little donkeys that are treasures. I have two Eeyores and One Donkey from Shrek. These were gifts from my Niece KayLynn... she is too sweet for words, and she always chooses donkey items for me whenever she can. Even if it means giving up the free toy for herself. I have a hundreds of donkeys in my donkey collection - but the ones from KayLynn are some of my sentimental favorites :0)

Hope you enjoyed today - have a wonderful Wednesday!
HUGS and-


Tertia said...

Happy WOYWW! You remind me, I have to use sewing more often. My machine is in a cabinet in my craftroom, but because the doors are closed I tend to forget about it. It is over 40 years old and although I have had it services once or twice, it still sews like a dream.

Carol Dee said...

So far so good with my Singer. I did look at Janome. MAybe next one. I have that thread box. Wonderful storage. Keeps me from buying the same color over and over. LOL. Hugs....

Kirsten Alicia said...

Cool machine! I'm thinking of taking a class, but it'll be a while I graduate to a machine. Love the thread storage - makes it easy to be organised.

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing. I did not yet use my machine as I am afraid of jamming my Singer and cannot use it again for the clothes. However I love your threads; I guess in the front it is all Mettler. I have those as well for embroidery on my cards and I love them. Your donkeys are really cute. Hugs Helen