Saturday, March 19, 2011

Animal Crackers - They Grow Up SO FAST!!

Boy Blogger and I did not get along this morning! It wouldn't let me load any photos! And what good is Animal Crackers Day with no photos!!! So finally here it is after having to go to the old editor and manually upload one photo at a time very very slowly -

I was late home yesterday so I didn't get to photos before dark, then I got to thinking about all our babies. (our neighbors horse had a baby yesterday!!) And I always think about my babies when seeing others - so I thought it might be fun to do a little "Then and Now" with a few!

So I looked back at a few baby photos and found some "grown up's" to compare them too....

First is my very first baby here - This little guy was so spoiled it wasn't even funny... and I was such a newbie I worried about EVERYTHING... He was born in December and it was pretty cold the week he was born got down in the teens! So I ran out and got him a dog coat to wear so he wouldn't get to cold. Now... I know that Mom will make sure they are warm, and don't worry so much.. LOL Here is Diego -
And how about Gloria - She was so dark as a baby... and I should have shown a photo of her a few months old.. her fur got so long, we called her Buffalo Donkey...LOL

Then we have Irene ... Our First Spotted baby ... we purchase her Mom, Patti, already bred, so Irene was a huge bonus for us as she will later be able to be bred to Raffie as well as her Mom. Her nick name as she was growing up was "Shark"... yep, she was a nipper! But she is growing out of it now.
Josephine "Josie" or as Hubby calles her "little bitty one" - she is one of our smaller girls. All the babies have bangs when they are little. But Josie's were just too adorable for words... she always looked as if she had just had a hair cut, they were always so straight and perfect looking, and very full! We look forward to breeding her one day.. still a while off, but she is so darn cute and has tons of personality - so her babies should be fabulous!
Valentine - Our first and only standard baby donkey. He is named for a character in one of my all time favorite movies... "Valentine McKee" .. what you don't know that character? Played by Kevin Bacon? One of his best roles ever???? TREMORS.. common a classic! I love that movie! Valentine is and should be a grown up now.. I mean he was born in 2005.. but this guy is a huge Momma's boy. If he falls asleep and she moves off and he looses her, the world falls apart and everyone on the property hears him scream for her. Then if he doesn't find her he panics and runs kicks and screams more. Then Hubby has to wander off and find her and bring her back to him. I really think that she does it on purpose sometimes just to sit back and laugh at him.... Poor guy... He is one of my "boys" as well.. I just love this guy!I had to show off one baby goat.. common they are just precious! Jill isn't even a year old yet, but man she was an adorable baby. She is almost full grown now, but smaller than all the other goats. She is gorgeous, and super friendly!
Now "MY BABIES" - Libbie first - Can you believe this girl? And now a Mom herself - My stunning Blue Eyed Girl - was she a cute puppy or what? And a stunning little Toy Aussie if I do say so - And her boyfriend, my boy, Autie - Already a Dad and so young himself. My cuddle boy. One adorable puppy and now a Handsome dude.Then although she is still a puppy.. not even 5 months old yet.. I had to show Chica too.. and look at how much she looks like her Dad as a puppy! We love her to pieces even in her lanky teen stage! LOL
Hope you enjoyed my looking back at my babies... can you tell I am really ready for more? Seems like forever since we have had any babies around here LOL ... Have a Goat that is close, and a couple of Donkeys that we think are April... so just have to be calm.

Have a wonderful Saturday - and I hope that tomorrows post isn't so hard for me to get on, whew.. took me over 2 hours to get this one loaded!

HUGS and-


PaperSunshine said...

What a delightful look back at the babies! They are all so precious and really interesting how they change, especially the donkeys. Your Aussies are such pretty dogs, I have always loved the look of Aussies and it is so cool there are Toys! I have long coat Chihuahuas and someone the other day thought one of them was a Toy Aussie! Thanks for your hard work on these wonderful posts :)
Lori K.

Karen McAlpine said...

Too cute! I think Jill is the cutest! LOL

LorraineB said...

You know I love seeing photos of all of the furkids. Never gets old. They're so cute and the before and after shots are great. Just love those faces. Oh good....babies coming. Can't wait.

Marilyn said...

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your Animal Crackers posts. Today's post is grand... the then & the now, loved it!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for the look back, they're still so gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Michelle you're fur babies are all beautiful! I love coming to your blog everyday and seeing what you are doing =) I hope you have a great week end. Your cards are beautiful!

okienurse said...

Oh my gosh it was fun looking back at the baby pictures and the adult or almost adult pics. Such cute critters! I always look forward to Animal Cracker Saturdays to the point when we were storm chasing last year it was the deciding factor where we put down last year cause I had to have internet access so I could have my coffee to Animal Cracker Saturday!
Thanks for sharing your babies with us! Vickie

Carol Dee said...

Love the baby and now photos. No winder it took so long to load them. Lots of fun :) All of them are still cute and cuddly! Gotta love your fur babies. TFS hugs to all...

Cynde said...

Thanks for putting all the time in to load the photos for us. Sure appreaciate it.
Love seeing the then and now photos. All so very precious. Love your card from yesterday also. with the cowgirl magnolia...shes over the top ready for the show gorgeous.

TA Carbone said...

This also shows me how long I have been reading your blog because I remember when Ireme and Gloria were born.

Time flies when you enjoy the same thing as friends


Nancy said...

Oh, they are so cute.

Rufus said...

Sorry that it took you so long to get this loaded up, but BOY OH BOY am I glad you did! Just love the then and now. Amazing how they change, yet in some ways don't. Thanks so much for sharing this post!

Dianne said...

Hi Michelle ! I love looking at your babies and seeing the love in their eyes as well. Thank you for sharing.


Annie said...

Hi Michelle! oh how they have all grown! I have been following your animal crackers for several years now and look forward to your postings about them all. And I stop by and check out your cards too, but just don't have too much time to comment every day - but I do look in!
hugs, annie x

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely fur babies with us. They are all so cute. Hugs to all of them.

Unknown said...

Thank you SO much for taking all that time to put these adorable photos on Michelle - well worth the hard work. Diego looks like "What in the world am I having to wear?!" and Josephine is sooooo pretty - then and now - love the perfect bangs! I love them all and to have the chance to see all the before and afters is great!
Thanks Michelle, always love to see your furbabies and beautiful paper creations. You inspire me. x

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